How To Save on Your Grocery Bill and The Summer 2012 Vegetable Garden Project

Not to be confused with the front garden project, we have now started a vegetable garden in the back yard too.

I wrote about how we got rid of the dog kennel and, after some hard work we now  have a vegetable garden in the exact same spot:


How To Make a Vegetable Garden

Sell Dog Kennel

Cut Down All Weeds

Remove 12 2×2 concrete tiles

Buy pressure treated wood for edging

Add 12 Bags of Miracle Grow Dirt.

Add Vegetable Seeds.

Hope it all works out

The total cost for the dirt, seeds and wood was $104.00  which, if all of this actually grows we should break even when it comes to the prices we would pay for grocery store vegetables.  The goal will now be to keep the dog out of the dirt (ooh dirt!), and the bunnies at bay. Our neighbour tells us the bunnies live under our storage barn and we’re real close to undeveloped areas so I’m sure we’ll have a vistor or two.

Lessons Learned

Those concrete patio stones are heavy and starting late am wasn’t such a good idea. I should have been outside sooner in the day to avoid the big honkin’  sunburn I now have. It’s fun! B is just thrilled to tears with our new garden and we were both crawling around in the dirt to get the  seeds planted.  Our rows of veggie seeds are far, far away from being straight  and that’s OK because the very worst  that can happen is we re-sod the thing if this doesn’t all pan out like we hope.  That said, it would be nice to see just one of each vegetable pop up this summer. I think there’s something to be said for “I made this” as opposed to “I bought this”.

We dragged the dog igloo that used to inside the kennel to the end of the driveway, taped a FREE sign to it and it was gone in less than an hour and we don’t live on a street that get’s any traffic either.  It’s pretty big too - you’d need a truck or minivan to get that home, but somebody took it and it’s one less problem to solve.

We had probably one of the best weekends this year so far. We ate well, worked hard and had time for just sitting on the front porch and relaxing as well. The weather was just wonderful and it’s so nice now that summer is finally here