How To Save $600 a Year On Lawn Care

lawn care can be cheap

Grass is something new to me. When B found me I was a city living, condo dwelling, leather couch kind of guy with too much stereo equipment than any man should have. And, as you can imagine, there was not a whole lot in the lawn department  in my world. Heck, even the park across the street had artificial turf.

Then, I met B, moved to the US, Got Married and found out she was paying  $100 a month on lawn care! And the best part is she had a perfectly good riding lawn mower in the back shed. All she needed was an operator for the mower..

Say Hello To The New Lawn Guy

We actually considered keeping the lawn care because there is something to be said for  somebody else doing your work for you, but our  guy was charging $24.00 for every time he cut our lawn which ended up being $600 a year if you asssume the lawn season to be from May to October.

So we called up the lawnmower repair guy and asked him to “get in running” again, as the lawn mower had been sitting in the back shed for five years.  And amazingly enough, the riding mower came back to us running. All things considered we’re pleased to have the cost for the lawn mower repairs to be only $250.00 - we had budgeted double that cost  and  so  we were thrilled to pay so little. Even if we can only get one more year out of the riding lawn mover, we will have saved over $300, and if we can get away next year too we’ll be up to close to $1000 savings in household maintenance. That’s trip money or more shoes if nothing else.I cut the lawn and  we save money. Not exciting, but realistic. We’d rather have something else for our money than lawn care.

About this riding mower thing…

I grew up pushing a mower,  so the fact that I just sit on top of the mower seems, I dunno  - silly. The lawn care guy had a lawnmower  that you would at least stand behind - to me that’s a little better than sitting on one. But, there’s a pretty big lawn to cut and even though I just sit there it takes over an hour to cut both front and back lawns. I can only imagine what a push mower would take.

I will confess, that it’s fun cutting the lawn and to think that we’re saving money is really just icing on the cake.

We saved  on lawn care by getting married. Have you found any ways you have saved money as a happy couple?