How To Print Screen On Mac Computers

Best Price on Acer notebookI’ve recently moved from Mac to Windows. I know, I know – how could I after all these years of tracking memory prices primarily for Apple computers? Well, this is probably an article for another day but I find that  the value offered by a Mac for my needs is no longer there. I’m typing this on a very well equipped cheap PC notebook and if it were not for a few minor things that I miss I would be hard pressed to tell the difference as I switched from Mac to PC notebook and saved $1600 along the way.

That said, one thing I really miss and it’s probably due to the fact I have worked with Apple computers for close to two decades now is how easy it was to print screen on a Mac:** Shift – Command – 3** and I would be done.  I used the print selection feature even more: Shift Command 4 would get me just a selection of a page. 

Both of these simple commands would  save a screen shot to my desktop and I would then double click on the screen shot to print the image – in most cases by using the preview application.

Print Screen on Windows Instead

I have no idea how to do the same on a PC as easy – especially when it  comes to making a selection of the screen. I miss command shift 4 every day since switching from Mac to PC, and it may be one reason to switch back to the Mac OS at some point, but at the moment this cheap Acer notebook  is going to have to do the  trick for now. I know I can use the ‘snipping tool’ in Windows 7 to make either a selection or screen grab of the entire screen, but this is far from perfect: you have to open up an entire other windows application to do so and then navigate menus to get the screen grab you want.

This is one example of how the Mac offers a far superior print screen solution than the more popular PC.