How To Perform an Apple Warranty Check


apple iMac warranty checkI like to save money and have been saving you money on ram upgrades for some time now, but another way to save money on an Apple of any kind, be it an Apple iMac or MacBook Pro one way may be to buy a used Mac. One of the benefits of Apple computers, is that despite their high price when compared to comparable PC’s from HP or some other manufacturer running windows is that they hold their value and if you shop on eBay or craigslist you may be able to buy a cheap used Mac.

And  I know, that in my experiences shopping online that most times the seller of  the older Mac just wants to get some money for their old Mac and replace it with a newer model or perhaps they need the cash for something else, and a lot of times they state that there’s warranty on the Apple computer left, but how do you know for sure?

Get an Apple Warranty Check

One reason i prefer Apple over other PC brands, is that despite the high price that the  Apple products demand, Apple offers some of the best support in the computer industry and one example is this:

To check if the Apple computer you already own or are considering buying is in warranty  is to go to Apple and check,

All you need to do this is the serial number of the computer and the country you are in and Apple will return to you a custom report on the status of the Apple computer you are considering buying. When you have this info you will be abl to tell if the seller of your possible Apple purchase is on the up and up, and  even if your possible Mac is  out of warranty, you will be able to see what your options are when it comes to either getting the Mac repaired.

A two second visit to the Apple support page could save you possible problems with your used Mac purchase down the road.