How To Get the Best Price on a MacBook from Apple

Oddly enough, if you’re in the market to buy a a new MacBook, if  you want to get a good deal on a MacBook you can do much better on  the price if you do not buy  the MacBook from  Apple and  buy a MacBook from Amazon instead. When you buy the MacBook at the Apple Store you get to pay full list price for your MacBook, and in the age of the internet where **deals on Apple Macs **are just  a click away, why would you buy  a Mac from Apple when you can buy it less than the $999 MSRP somewhere else


I like Amazon when buying Apple products as they offer bundles and special offers on not only your MacBook  but Mac accessories like Apple Displays, Mice, external keyboards and even MacBook RAM upgrades.Best Price MacBook

At the time I write this, Amazon offers a **MacBook Bundle **that consists of the MacBook at a discount, but also Microsoft Office and AppleCare for your MacBook is also offered at a much cheaper price than had you bought the MacBook Pro.

Apple does offer refurbished MacBooks for less than what you would pay for a new MacBook, but you are not  buying a new MacBook but pre-owned MacBook or refurb, which might be a better price than a new MacBook, you might be buying problems rather than a deal, whereas if you stick with a new MacBook that’s priced well under the $999 MSRP from Apple you deal with what is probably one of the better vendors online regardless of what manufacturer you want, not just Apple.

Of course, when it comes time to get the best price on RAM for your new Apple MacBook you’re already at the right place, and I can recommend many memory sellers that can offer deals on Apple RAM too.