How To Get a Free PC Memory Test

PC Memory, in rare instances can go bad. RAM Memory is a very sensitive computer component that is susceptible to static electicity that can fry your memory very quickly, so it’s always a good idea to use an anti-static wristband and install ram in a humid environment to reduce the chance of static electricity. But even if you install the memory correctly you can still have problems with your PC memory but thankfully there are many methods to test your PC memory for any errors.

Remove the Memory

This seems kindof obvious I know, but one way to test ram to see if it’s bad is to remove and replace the memory upgrade with another memory chip. Usually, you have upgraded the ram in your PC with newer and larger memory upgrade modules, and if you still have the original factory installed memory upgrades all you have to do is replace the ram you suspect has gone bad with the older RAM. If your PC now runs without incident, then you know the RAM is bad and will have to be replaced. In the event of problems with your PC you should check your RAM for any problems

Free PC Memory Testing Software

You don’t have to remove the ram you think has gone bad. There are many software programs that will allow you to test the memory in your PC without having to replace it to diagnose the memory problems:


This software is free software that allows you to test your PC ram for any errors. It’s easy to use and is a free download. This memory testing software does not require any software installed on the PC to run. Just download the ISO and using your  CD burning software. Easy to use, and diagnose any memory problems with this free memory testing software

Windows Memory Diagnostic

This memory testing software is like Memtest86 above, as it does not require an operating system to run and will run on any PC. Just download the ISO and follow the instructions to burn a bootable CD to test your PC memory with the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool


Note the plus sign at the end. This is newer memory testing software that tests for memory module failure. Download the ISO, burn to a CD and you can test the memory on your PC with ease with MemTest86+

These are just three of the memory testing software for your PC. One other way to be certain your PC memory is error free is to buy brand name memory or ram from a trusted memory manufacturer like Crucial, Corsair, or Kingston Memory. All these manufacturers offer a lifetime replacement guarantee in the event that your memory upgrade goes bad. Below are some of the more popular memory upgrades available on sale today: