How To Get a Crucial Memory Scan

Crucial 8GB Kit (4GBx2), 204-pin SODIMM, DDR3 PC3-10600 Memory Module (CT2KIT51264BC1339)One of the easiest ways to upgrade your notebook or desktop computer is with a **Crucial Memory Scan. The Crucial Memory Scanner is safe to use for both Mac and Windows OS systems and has to be the **easiest way to get the right RAM for your computer that’s guaranteed to work and be compatible without the fear of wondering if the RAM you buy is the right RAM for your notebook or desktop PC.

How The Crucial Memory Scan Works

It can be difficult to figure out what memory you need to buy for your computer. As an example depending on what Apple MacBook Pro model you have or need to ugprade the memory on, you may need either PC5300, PC 1066, or PC 1333Mhz DDR 3 menory upgrades for your MacBook Pro. But how do you know what speed memory upgrade you need to buy? All this goes away with a Crucial Memory Scan and takes only minutes to perform an will not upload or share any files on your computer so you can be assured that your privacy is respected as all this program does is scan for the system information from your computer so that it can help decide on the perfect memory upgrade for your Mac or PC.

To Get started with the Crucial Memory Scanner you need to download the crucial memory scan software and then run the crucial memory software on your PC. There’s a good chance your computer will ask you if you ar e sure you want to run this application as it was downloaded from the internet and the answer is yes as Crucial is a well respected computer company that has no interest in harming your privacy or computer security as they are a business and by offering this free software to scan your computer they will of course, recommend Crucial memory upgrades.

The crucial scanner will even direct you to the correct part number for your computer, or in the case where your computer might be eligible for more than one upgrade the crucial scan will offer a selection of ram upgrades for your Mac or PC.

**Crucial Solid State Hard Drive Recommendations


In addition to using the Crucial system scan method to get the right memory for your computer, you can also use the Crucial SSD, or Solid Stat Drive recommendation tool to assist you in finding a solid state drive for your computer in addition to adding more computer memory.

Crucial Solid State Hard Drives are starting to drop in price where they are an affordable computer upgrade. Compared to the price of RAM, the solid state drive still has a way to go before the general public will jump in and accept them but it’s only a matter of time as the hard drive sizes for solid state technology continue to grow and yet the same time drop in price.

Using the Crucial solid state tool to upgrade your hard drive ensures that your computer can accept a solid state hard drive upgrade, as not all computer models are equipped for such without extensive modification or sometimes not at all, so I advise you to be sure you can use or benefit from a solid state hard drive upgrade before you spend your hard earned money only to find a solid state drive is not compatible.

These are just two free tools provided by Crucial Technology free of charge to help you with your computer upgrade needs with the hope that you get a fair deal on memory and solid state hard drives.