How To Force Quit Mac Applications That Don’t Respond

As great as Apple Computer is, there are times when either the Mac OS operating system or the application itself doesn’t work as it should resulting in you having to stop what you’re doing  and deal with this troublesome application that doesn’t want to play nice with your Mac.

How To Force Quit Mac Software. 

One of the most common indicators that something is wrong with your Apple is  when you’re left sitting there waiting for your software to respond, and then after a while you realize that even on the slowest Apple computer made today – something is wrong with your Mac.

Sometimes,  the Mac will display the indicator or spinwheel displaying that it’s trying to catch up, but don’t be fooled – that appllication is stuck, even if the wheel is spinning your Mac gave up the ghost long ago.

When you’re ready to force quit Mac software, all you have to do is:

From the Apple Menu in the top left hand corner of your screen** choose the force quit menu item. Alternately, you can use the keyboard and  hit Command – Option – Escape** to exit the Mac Application too. Lastly, the third way to force quit is to right click on the Application icon in the dock and  choose force quit. All three get you to the same result:quitting  the Mac software.

I suggest two things to make sure you see less chances of even needing to force quit  Apple software: The first, is to be sure you have enough ram installed. ram is cheap and one reason your application keeps hanging is that you don’t have enough ram to run the software for your Mac in the first  place.

My last suggestion is to restart your Mac.This is an optional step and not  required, but I have found more times than not that a good reboot fixes a lot of computer problems.

If you find yourself needing to force quite your Mac a lot, you may want to take your Mac into see an Apple Genius, or contact Apple Support to be sure there’s not  a problem with your Mac that a force quit will not fix.