How To Find The Nearest Verizon Locations

Maybe it’s the old guy in me, and even though I have been working in online sales for over a decade I never really ordered that much stuff online and would prefer to go to the store in person to check stuff out and decide whether I ant to spend  my money on a product or service.

There’s lots of reasons why I prefer to shop in person, but one of the best reasons is you can sometimes get a better deal if you shop at the store as opposed to shopping online. I have found more deals by physically  being in the right place at the right time.

This old school style of shopping especially holds true to cellular phones too. Usually they are staffed by eager kids who can work the phones with one hand  in seconds, as opposed to my old  fingers trying to figure out how to transfer my contacts from my memory card or some other problem.

And speaking of problems, one problem you have to solve first is the fact that you need to know where to go. When shopping online, you either do a google search for what you want to buy, or a good  place to check is also from Amazon, as – and  this especially holds true in the  USA – chances are they will have i – in stock and on sale.

When it comes to finding Verizon stores in my area, I have found it easiest  to ask the** mother ship** rather than do a google  search and  weed through the sites that can’t help you.

Verizon offers a handy dandy Verizon Store Locator where all you have to do is enter either your  zip code, or start your search for the best Verizon location for you by choosing your state and then after you do that you pick your city. You will be presented with  a list of  the closes verizon stores and you get to choose the radius of your search  from 5 miles, 15 miles, 25miles, or 75miles, depending on how far you want to travel.

This is the easiest way to find the best and  Nearest Verizon Locations so that you can go in person for either Verizon sales or support.