How to find the memory you need for your desktop or notebook computer

here’s not a day goes by where I’m not asked the question:

What kind of RAM do I need? What RAM and Memory Upgrades Should I Buy?

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Best laptopWell, that depends. On the PC side of the memory equation you usually have more options and it’s easier to** find out what kind of memory you need for your computer** as the manufacturer and models names for the desktop and notebook computers are distinct for each computer manufacturer and model.

For example, If you  are looking to** upgrade your dell, and you have a **dell notebook you need memory upgrades for all you usually have to do is find out what model number that is and you’re usually off to the races. For an example: You need memory for your brand new Dell inspiron 14  or Inspiron 15 or even inspiron 17 models with core i3 and core i5 processors **that are **current notebook models from Dell, but would perform much better if you just added more memory. (as adding memory to most computers will offer: more ram equals faster software)

Right, so you’ve got the model name from Dell:  So you find anymemory store that you choose and each of these stores will offer a memory configurator **where you just plunk in your manufacturer and model name of your desktop or notebook and you’re returned with a list of **memory & ram upgrades that match your computer.

Sounds Easy, Right? And it is: For this example, I’ll useCrucial Technology, but you could pick from any vendor of memory I list on ramseeker as they all carry easy to use** memory configurators that will help you choose the right memory** and ram upgrades.

But for this example, I’ll use Crucial Technology: So I find my manufacturer: Which is in this case, Dell. And then I’ll choose Inspiron laptops/notebooks, and then lastly I find my model, for this example I will use Dell Inspiron 15 and I see theres’s two choices: One is just Dell inspiron 15, and the other  is dell inspiron 1564, The dell inspiron 15 seems  to list a  little older types of memory  and I’m going go guess that the** dell inspiron 15 (1564) is the better choice for me as this model listing at crucial specifies DDR3 PC1066 memory modules which is the more recent of the two listings and also a quick reference of the dell website specifies that the **dell inspiron 15  that’s currently offered does require the DD3 PC-8500 memory modules.

And that’s it.  A bit of research, and I’ve got a new ram and memory upgrade ordered for my Dell Inspiron 15 notebook computer.