How To Contact Acer Computer

There’s two things I love about the internet:

You can connect and interact with just about anybody and read and learn so much from each other.

You can shop online!

I have been shopping for notebook computer memory for close to 15 years now to help you guys get the best deal on RAM, and buy it much cheaper than from other over priced stores. (see the sidebar to the right of this article for some real cheap ram).

And one of the cheapest computers on sale right now tend to be from Acer computer. Add some memory to these cheapo notebooks and you’ve got a fast and cheap notebook computer for under $600.

Most all Acer notebooks come with a limited warranty, but usually once you’ve made your purchase the online store from which you bought your Acer won’t refund  your money and  this leaves you to have to contact Acer support in the rare case you do have a problem with your new Acer notebook.

Acer  Contact Information

To save you some time, here are the Acer Computer contact information:

Acer USA

Acer Canada

Acer Brasil 

Acer Mexico

Acer Latin America

There are also contact support for Acer Europe and Acer Middle East and Asia Pacific too, but the Americas tend to be the most popular when it comes to Acer users so I’ll stop the list there.

Once you find the region you are in you will be able to contact Acer  by phone or email and have any warranty issues you need to be taken care of. I have found that in the past most companies are willing to work with you when it comes to notebook warranty if you treat them like you would like to be treated

As a new Acer notebook PC  user, I hope to never have to use these contact numbers for my Acer notebook but it’s good to know that Acer support will help me in the rare instance I do have  a problem with my Acer notebook computer.