How To Check MacBook Pro RAM Memory

The Apple MacBook Pro offers fantastic value in those wanting a notebook computer from Apple that in some cases, allows the user to make a living, or even just for personal computing such as email, web browsing or facebook and youtube use the MacBook Pro is available in 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch configurations allowing you to buy the best MacBook Pro for your needs.

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But regardless of whether you currently own a MBP, or are in the market to buy your first MacBook Pro, you should considering adding or upgrading the RAM or Memory on your professional MacBook as adding memory is the best bang for your dollar when wanting to speed up your Mac for less.

The first step in adding RAM is to determine how much RAM you currently have installed in your Apple Computer and it’s pretty easy to determine this with just a few mouse clicks:

Go to the Apple Menu on the top left corner of your screen

Choose About This Mac

You will be presented with a window that looks something like this:

How much RAM installed in MacBook Pro

In the case of the image above this information pertains to my 2008 MacBook Pro, and displays the processor speed and also how much RAM is installed. For this particular model, I’m already maxed out with RAM at 4GB, but if you are wanting to upgrade a currently shipping MacBook Pro, you should add more RAM as these models can accept and run 8GB of RAM for MacBook Pros.

16GB is not yet available at time of this article but it’s my guess that the next refresh or even replacement of the MacBook Pro will lead to a maximum allowance of 16GB memory. There was a time not too long ago that my 4GB of RAM installed was a costly and capable amount of memory for Apple’s professional notebook computer.

Once you have determined how much RAM is already installed, all you need to do is buy RAM from an trusted memory store to upgrade your MacBook Pro to its maximum performance potential.

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