How To Buy the Best Cheap Desktop Ram

Despite the fact that notebook computers seem to be outpacing the sales of desktop computers, there’s lots of times when buying a cheap desktop computer is a better deal than buying a cheap netbook, or laptop computer.

A desktop computer does indeed usually lack a handle to make it truly portable, but for the most part the desktop rises head and shoulders above the desktop computer for one reason that stands out in my mind and that’s expadability. The desktop computer usually has lots of room for memory upgrades.

Apple Mac Mini. Best Selling Desktop Computer

Desktop RAM is priced usually pretty much the same as notebook memory but the benefit of buying ram for your desktop is you can buy more ram  which in turn means more performance out of your desktop computer. Now if  all you use is a word processing document you don’t need to worry about speed as much as the computer is going to  be waiting on you to type. There’s a good chance that if all you use to compute is to do light email and web surfing and some data entry you don’t have to worry too much about computer speed. The computer, either desktop  or notebook will be waiting for you to finish typing. In the meantime, it just waits.

But, if you are a graphic designer, or  use  photo imaging tools such as photoshop or lightroom you’re going to need all the ram you can get your hands on, or at very least – all the memory you can afford to buy. Hard drives too but that’s another post all in itself.

You have your desktop computer and it’s too slow. You need to buy more ram. How much RAM you can add to your desktop will depend usually on the motherboard and how many memory upgrade slots are available. Can you install the memory in pairs?  Can you keep the the memory you have in the computer already, or will you need  to upgrade all your memory and replace the RAM you have? All these are good questions to ask and consider before you go looking to buy cheap ram for your desktop.

The good news is every memory store offers what is called as a memory configurator. It’s a pretty fancy term but all it does is help you find the the best ram you need at the best price. You usually enter  your computer brand,  or sometimes your motherboard type if the PC you want to upgrade is hand built by you or a custom PC store. The next thing the configurator does is ask you about the model of your computer

To find the model of your computer can sometimes be a bit tricky but it’s usually written on the back of your desktop computer or sometimes on the bottom if you have a notebook or  laptop. Once you have brand and model name of your computer a customized page on the memory store’s website is returned to you exlaining all you need to know about memory upgrade choices for your computer. Size of ram you need to get to the ram upgrade you want and whether you need to upgrade the memory in pairs, or if you can get away with just buying one memory module at a time.

Somes stores even offer different choices in quality: You can chose to buy more expensive but with higher quality parts – name brand memory. Or if your budget is tight and you just want to buy the cheapest ram you can find then they offer that too.

Buying cheap ram whether in desktop form or a notebook is not hard and you’ll get the best price on ram if you compare prices on ram  from a selection of stores as all memory stores offer different prices for their desktop memory. Take your time, find your desktop computer brand and model name and find a memory store you can trust and use their memory configurator to get the beat deal on desktop ram..