How To Buy RAM From Apple

One word: Don’t. You can get a much better deal on Apple Memory

This is simple advice on memory upgrades if you are in the market to buy the cheapest RAM for your Macintosh, in most cases you will not find it at Apple. The one and only reason why you might want to buy Apple RAM is if you value convenience over cost.

Best Apple RAM Price

**Best Selling Apple RAM


You might be able to save some money on Apple RAM if you buy a Mac at the same time online from the Apple Store, as you could buy a Macintosh  Computer filled with RAM from Apple to the maximum capacity negating the need to replace the factory memory from Apple with bigger memory upgrade modules at a later date. This will save you some money if you buy a Mac at the same time.

Let’s investigate, and assume a new 13 inch MacBook Pro is the Apple computer you want to buy from Apple and fill it with 8GB of RAM – the maximum memory for MacBook Pro as advised from Apple (although the good folks at OWC will tell you otherwise):

**Cost for the 2011 13 inch 2.3 GHz MacBook Pro from Apple: $1199

Cost for filling the MacBook with 8GB from Apple: additional $200. **

This brings a 13 inch MacBook Pro to $1399 with 8GB if you buy it from Apple.

Plan B would be to still buy the 13 inch MacBook Pro from Amazon and save a few bucks: $1194.00. Not much of a deal on a Mac Notebook but hey, five bucks is five bucks.

Now we go ram shopping online for the best ram deal on 8GB MacBook Pro RAM and at the time of writing 8GB memory upgrade kits can be bought from Crucial Technology for just $97.00, which is not only considerably cheaper RAM than buying from Apple, but Crucial Technology is a well respected and trusted memory store that both makes, manufactures and supports the RAM you buy, and all for under $100 for MacBook Pro RAM.

Total cost for a 13 inch 2.3GHz MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM when you buy the MacBook Pro from Amazon and the RAM from Crucial: $1291.00

So buying your MacBook Pro memory from a trusted and respected third party memory store you save over $100 on your MacBook Pro.

But this gets better: You still have the 2x 2GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM Upgrades that you pulled from your original MacBook Pro and if you choose to spend a few bucks more on MacBook Pro RAM.. let’s use OWC, as they will accept trade ins on your MacBook Memory and will offer you $26 for your factory installed MacBook RAM.

OWC charges $112.99 at time of writing for 8GB MacBook Pro RAM Kits. Subtract the $26.00 for the factory RAM trade in and your total cost for 8GB of RAM for 13 inch MacBook Pro drops to $86.99, which beats the Crucial RAM price and brings the total cost for a 13 inch MacBook Pro down another $11.00 to $1280.00. This ends up being savings of $120.00 when you compare against buying the same MacBook Pro from Apple Directly.

For some, the $120 savings on a 13 inch MacBook Pro is more than enough for you to decide to buy both the Apple notebook and the memory upgrades from a third party store. But for others, it’s not worth the $120 savings and you value convenience over cost and possibly: warranty issues.

When you buy both the Apple Macintosh and the RAM directly from Apple, in the slight chance that there is a problem with your new MacBook, it is possible Apple could blame the third party RAM as the problem with your Apple notebook, negating any  savings with the time you spend troubleshooting problems with your MacBook Pro.

It’s up to you whether you choose to buy RAM direct from Apple Computer but be aware that when compared against other options for memory  upgrades that tend to be cheaper  the Apple Store memory upgrade will always be the most expensive memory you can buy.