How Sweet It Is

Today BW went to Target to get new running shoes for our run number 4 tomorrow because the ones she had were definitely worn out. And I guess while there she felt that that after the dog ate all my chocolate, not once but twice she should buy me some and it’s appreciated. Now, I also told her to keep out of it until I was able to photograph these bars. Well. You should have seen the pouting. (not as bad as the pouting when we’re out going for our runs mind you, but close)

Speaking of running, here’s a photo of BW’s fancy new $22.00 shoes:


Pretty spiffy eh?

She had to buy the discount ones due to the fact that when she came home she shouted “the garage door doesn’t work”. And, she’s right it doesn’t. And until the garage door repairman shows up later today our only mode of transportation will be our feet because the car is trapped in the garage.

Yesterday, we had the plumber come, today the garage door guy. I wonder what’s next?. This stuff usually happens in threes…