How Should Memory Be Installed in a 27 inch iMac?

Very carefully.

In some ways I joke because as long as you follow the instructions on iMac 27 inch RAM upgrade instructions as provided by Apple that won’t void your warranty in any way and make your iMac run faster for cheaper than you have ever imagined you’ll be absolutely fine as adding iMac 27 inch RAM isn’t complicated or difficult at all.

On the other side of the coin, adding memory to you Mac does require some precautions as there is a slim chance you could zap not only the RAM upgrade you’re trying to install but your Apple iMac too, and that my friends, is not a good idea or something I recommend. The biggest precaution you have to make when it comes to iMac RAM upgrades is to fight against static electricity when installing the memory.

As you will see with the Apple Memory Upgrade Installation  Instructions, upgrading RAM on the 27 inch iMac is pretty easy and once you remove the cover on the bottom of the iMac you have full access to the memory upgrade slots that can accept up to 16GB of RAM using four 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM 133 MHz sodimms.

It’s just a matter of removing the factory RAM from the iMac, which is usually formatted in 2x2GB or 2×4 GB memory configurations and installing more memory in the empty two upgrade slots on the 27 inch iMac. If your iMac came shipped with 8GB of RAM in a 2x4GB configuration, this means you have two more empty memory upgrade slots where you can buy and install another two 4GB imac memory module and effectively doubling and maximizing the RAM your iMac uses.

Where to Buy iMac 27 inch RAM

I monitor ram prices for Apple iMac 27 inch computers from a variety of memory manufacturers and vendors so  I suggest this to be a good place to start when shopping for deals on iMac RAM as the other thing you have to be aware of is paying too much money for you iMac RAM as you  have worked hard for that money and you want to maximize not only the iMac’s RAM but also the savings on RAM.

With that in mind, below are the cheapest Apple iMac 27 inch memory upgrades on sale currently:

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Memory Installations on the Apple 27 inch iMac are cheap and easy to do yourself with common sense and household tools and will make your iMac computing experience a joy for years to come.