How Much Will It Cost To Upgrade HP Notebook RAM?

It will not cost much at all to buy more ram for your HP notebook at the best price I could find.

In fact, if  you consider that your HP notebook already ships with some  memory that you can sell or  trade your HP notebook upgrade, regardless of model number will cost you less than you think.  Most HP notebook computers manufactured in 2011 are capable of accepting and recognizing 8GB of RAM so why not spend the $50 or so to max out your HP notebook to the maximum performance potential?

Best Selling HP NoteBook Memory


**HP ProBook 4525 is priced under $500. **

One of the best selling HP notebooks you can buy today is the HP ProBook 4525 (currently on sale at Amazon for under $500) and this notebook allows up to 8GB of RAM, yet only comes shipped with 2GB. Yet, if you replace the stock HP memory for RAM that will allow this ProBook notebook to run faster and  allow you to be more efficient you can get more work done, and the HP ProBook RAM Upgrade is pretty cheap for this notebook too. You’ll need to buy 2x4GB DDR3 1066Mhz sdram sodimms  for this HP notebook, and as there’s only two memory upgrade slots in this HP notebook you’ll need to remove the RAM  installed in the HP ProBook 4525 and replace it with the bigger memory upgrade modules for HP notebooks.

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best price hp dm-4

Another great deal on a HP notebook right now, and  another example of how adding more RAM is the best HP notebook upgrade you can do is with the HP Pavilion DM4-2070 notebook. This a faster and more expensive notebook than the probook above (still a great deal on a HP computer though)  and offers faster 2nd generation processors than what’s in the HP ProBook. But the same applies to the HP DM4-2070 too, and even though its’ a faster HP computer to begin with, when you add more memory you get a faster computer. This HP notebook computer uses RAM that’s different than the memory above and this time you need to buy 8GB DDR3 SDRAM SODIMM notebook computer memory kits running at 1333Mhz. The maximum RAM  for the  DM4-2070 is still the maximum of 8GB (not too many notebooks offer 16GB of RAM, yet) and again you can replace the factory RAM from HP with cheaper and faster HP memory to take this HP notebook model all the way to 8GB.

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cheap HP probook memory

Best Deal on HP ProBook 4530

The HP ProBook 4530 is probably the best value  today among the best selling  notebook computers as you combine the faster notebook processors running  Intel Core i3 processors and use the faster 1333Mhz DDR3 ram technology than the ProBook above. Although I’ve yet to test either HP notebook,  I can be pretty sure just due to the memory requirements of the HP Probook 4525 that it will be the slower notebook when you compare the two computer notebooks from HP side by side.

These are just three of the current best selling HP notebooks and despite what may be differences in processor,  price and screen size and even memory requirements, there’s a theme here and  that is that every HP notebook we looked at today can take 8GB of RAM  and that this is a big  improvement in computer speed, especially when you jump from 2GB of RAM to 8GB of notebook RAM for HP notebook computers.