How Much RAM Can I Install in a 2014 Apple Mac Mini?

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<code>The 2014 Mac Mini can't take a RAM Upgrade so be sure to [buy the Mac Mini ]( the Maximum RAM.

The short answer? None.

Much to the dismay of many the 2014 Mac Mini cannot accept any upgrades from the user. The only way to max out the RAM on the Mac Mini is to buy a Mac Mini with more ram at time of purchase. This is a shame, because now instead of being able to extend or improve the performance of your 2014 Mac Mini you’re out of luck and over time the amount of RAM you have in this model may affect how long you end up keeping the Mac Mini over time.

2014 Mac Mini Configurations {#2014-mac-mini-configurations}

There are a few configurations of Mac Mini you can buy with different amounts of bot RAM and storage, with the maximum ram for the 2014 models capping out at 16GB for all models. Essentially the starting point for ram in the latest Mac Minis are either 4GB or 8GB with the option to add more RAM up to the 16GB Maximum

The Cost of a 2014 Mac Mini RAM Upgrade

The cheapest Mac Mini ships with just 4GB of RAM as standard with 8GB and 16GB uprade options priced at 200 increments. Adding 8GB of RAM to this model will cost 300 making this desktop anything but cheap. If you add the maximum ram to this model you are looking at a 60 percent price increase just for the ram upgrade alone.

Compare a 16GB ram upgrade for the last and now discontinued 2012 Mac Mini and you’re looking at a premium of $200 over what you would pay if you could upgrade the ram yourself.

Faster Mac Mini RAM Upgrades

Adding more ram to the faster 2.6Ghz and 2.8GHz gets a bit better because these models ship with 8GB of ram as standard equipment out of the box, and adding or doubling the memory to 16GB only adds 200 price upgrade vs the $300 Apple charges to add more RAM to the Cheaper Mac Mini.

Is a 2014 Mac Mini Upgrade Worth It?

That’s a good question. The 2014 models are the latest and theoretically the fastest Mac Minis you can buy but the price of RAM can be 3x or more the cost, and when you consider the price of the RAM upgrade you have to compare prices of all the Mac Minis to see what the best price point for you might be.

The cost to max out the 1.4GHz costs 799 from 200 for the same upgrade and results in a price bump from 899.00, and the price for the 2.8GHz models jump from 1199.00.

What’s the best deal for a 2014 Mac Mini?

Based on the pricing above I would say the 2.6GHz model with 16GB of RAM is the best value for a Mac Mini in 2015, as it’s only $100 more than the cheaper model yet offers a much faster processor of 2.6Ghz vs the 1.4Ghz on the model that costs less.

Should You Buy the Mac Mini with the Maximum RAM?

Only if you think you need it. In my personal case, I could do with the bare minimum of 4GB the $500 Mac Mini as I basically live in a text editor, and according to Apple it only takes 2GB of RAM to run the Yosemite OS so I should be okay with the 4GB of ram limit, and don’t think it would be worth it to buy the 8GB ram version. But if you do any photo editing or work with video then you’re better off with the 2.6 or 2.8Ghz versions maxed out to 8GB of RAM.

To Summarize, the Mac Mini is a good cheap computer from Apple, but if you need more RAM you’re looking at spending at least 100 and current street prices are about $80.00 for ram from reputable vendors so the twenty dollar premium to go from 4GB to 8GB is a good idea, but when it comes to adding 16GB of RAM on the 2014 models, it gets a little pricey.

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