How Much Memory Do I Need To Buy in 2011?

I, at close to 15 years doing this – writing and tracking ram prices and memory upgrades from reputable ram vendors – I have come to realize one thing, and that’s ram gets cheaper and the standard or maximum ram size gets bigger.

It doesn’t seem too long ago, that a big deal with a memory upgrade was 256mb. Now that small amount of memory isn’t even an option for computers in 2011 regardless or make or manufacturer and as the years go by and the OS’s – both Mac and PC – get more and more bloated with prettier buttons and fancier features you can be sure of one thing, and that’s that all this stuff requires more RAM or memory.

How Much Memory is Enough?

In 2011, if you are going to make the effort and expense to upgrade the ram on your Mac or PC, I would start at 8GB, and if you have a modern computer (ie: Intel Core i3, i5, i7) then you will have no problem with adding 8GB of RAM to most modern computers today, especially for desktop computers.

Notebook computers on the other hand due mostly to the fact that there’s not a whole lot of space to put a memory ugprade, are a bit trickier to upgrade the RAM on, but again – 8GB RAM maximums are common on most notebook PC’s built today and although still pricey – costing as much as the notebook computer the memory is being installed in – 16GB RAM will be the defacto memory upgrade as the components for 16gb memory get cheaper over time. It wasn’t that long ago that installing 8gb of RAM in a notebook computer would cost you well over one thousand dollars, but now you can buy 8GB of notebook RAM for under $100.

You might be very happy running your computer with the RAM that it came from the factory and if all your computing needs happen in a web browser. (mine do) than the default 3GB or 4GB your notebook came with could very well be enough memory for facebook and the like.

But,if you make a living with your computer (I do, again) then 8GB is where I’d go when it comes to ram upgrades in 2011. With RAM so cheap (see ram price list below), especially for notebook computers and if you make a living with it, or just a serious hobbyist then 8GB ram upgrades from an array of memory stores are available for purchase, and all at significant savings when you compare the ram prices demanded by the computer manufacturers

Best Selling Notebook Memory

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