How Much Memory Can I Buy With One Hundred Dollars?

I got asked this today, so thought I would share my answer here as I feel that RAM for your computer  is the best upgrade you can do for both your Mac or  PC and with RAM prices being so cheap right now,  a hundred  bucks goes pretty far, and if you can afford to double that hundred dollars to two hundred dollars you’ll find you may be able to buy not only enough RAM to fill your notebook or desktop, but if you can live with a smaller sized boot drive you can also upgrade to a SSD for even more savings.


$100 worth of RAM 

You could easily fill any 2011 notebook with enough RAM for the hundred  bucks, and unless you are in the need for 16GB of RAM in a notebook with only 2 memory upgrade slots, 8GB of RAM is more cost efficient and with rebate, costs close to a third of that cost overall.

Corsair  notebook RAM is  the cheapest 8GB RAM I could find  and with a rebate until the end of the month that drops the price down to $37, you’re not even anywhere near your hundred dollar budget and for most notebooks, the 8GB RAM Upgrade is more than enough and you’ll still increase the  performance of your notebook for much less than the hundred dollars you have set aside.

Buy 8GB Memory ON Sale for under $100. 

$100 worth of hard drive. 

Cheapest SSD Drive

There’s even more choice when it comes to buying a new hard drive to replace the stock and ever shrinking stock hard drive that came with your computer. You can buy a big conventional hard drive if you care more about  storage space than speed, or if a faster hard drive i  what you’re after replace the drive you have with a much faster (but smaller) SSD drive. 60GB SSD’s are under $100 and 128BB SSD’s are dropping in price too if you can wait a bit longer before you upgrade to a solid state drive.

Another option is the Seagate Momentus XP that offers the best of both worlds: 4gb of SSD storage for your operating system and othet  commonly used files and 500GB of storage space so you’re not limited to drive space. This is especially important for notebook computer users who want to carry all their files with them for easy access at any time.

Momentus XP by Seagate


$100 gets you far more memory and  hard drive space than even when compared to a year ago and with ram prices so low it’s never been a better time for a ram upgrade.

Buy  RAM (or anything else) from Amazon  for what I have found to be the best prices online overall.