How Much Does RAM Cost?

Expect to pay about $75.00 for 16GB of RAM and $45.00 for 8GB of RAM

Prices may change over time, but you should expect to pay that much for ram you buy and replace your old ram that came pre-installed when you bought your computer

The good news is you can sell your old ram t to recover some of the price of the new ram by trading in your old ram.

You won’t get a whole lot for your old ram trade in, but you will get some money back when you send in your old ram for trade in. According to Other World Computing you could get $37.00 for 8GB of MacBook Pro ram from either Apple or their own OWC brand.

This trade in value would get your cost for 16GB of MacBook Pro RAM down to under $100 to double your ram in your Apple notebook from 8GB to 16GB, and as I have stated before, unless you are doing very CPU intensive work then **16GB of RAM will be all the RAM you ever need. **

Apple Memory RAM Costs

The bummer with Apple memory is that replaceable memory modules are going the way of the Dodo bird. If you have a MacBook Pro newer than 2012 you had better have upgraded it when you bought it because otherwise you are out of luck and stuck with your current amount of RAM.

This holds true for Apple MacBook Air models that have **never been able to accept a ram upgrade **and on the desktop front, this applies to the 2014 Mac Mini too. The only Apple computers you can upgrade are the Apple iMacs and Mac Pros, and I would not be surprised if you will soon not be able to upgrade the iMacs much further either. I think that in the future iMacs will come preconfigured with RAM upgrades just like the notebooks and that just leaves the Mac Pros that can accept a memory upgrade.

Windows 8 RAM Upgrade Costs

If you’re in the market for a memory upgrade for a windows or PC notebook you might have better luck with getting a ram upgrade for your Windows notebook but even this is changing over time. Some of the most popular windows PC’s like the 2015 Dell XPS and the Asus X305 notebooks cannot take an upgrade as like the Apple notebooks the RAM is soldered onto the motherboard.

The minimum memory requirements for Windows 8 is just 2GB but I think that is being a **little optimistic **in how much ram your notebook needs to run Windows well. I would think that you would want to have double the memory in a Windows notebook with at least **4GB of RAM. **

If you check the minimum ram on the Apple website it will too state that you need just 2GB of RAM for Mac OS but like the Windows 8 requirements I would not think about using a computer from Apple with at least 4GB of RAM, and preferably 8. Even the newer Apple MacBook ships with 8GB of RAM, but the MacBook Air models come with just 4GB so in 2015 I can suggest your computer come with at least 4GB of RAM.

This 4GB minimum of RAM really isn’t that hard to meet as there are many Windows notebooks under $400 that ship with at least 4gb of RAM, and if you spend more you get 8GB as the default so it’s not too hard to be sure you have 4GB of RAM in your notebook or desktop when you want to run Windows OS.

And if you have an older Mac or Windows machine you are really going to benefit from an upgrade from 2GB to 4GB if your machine can support it. It’s a great way to get some more mileage out of your older Mac or PC and yet the upgrade willcost very little.

Does Different Memory Types Cost More?

This really depends on the memory type you are looking to upgrade. If you are looking for the best prices for modern memory technology like DDR3 1600Mhz so-dimms or sdram for desktops then the prices for most brands with comparable sizes cost pretty much the same.

Where the costs do change is if you are looking to upgrade the RAM to performance memory for those that demand the best and fastest RAM you can buy and the extra cost is worth the extra performance. Gamers and Photographers are two groups that might prefer to have faster ram.

But if you’re the average user, just find a good brand of RAM like Crucial, Kingston, OWC and other brands and you’re all set to go. Here’s a few examples of good prices on RAM for Mac or PC, desktop or notebook:

To summarize, ram for Mac, Windows and Linux should not cost you a lot of money and with some shopping and trading in your old RAM you might be able to get all the ram you need to buy for $100. Just be sure to check with the memory manufacturer to be sure you can upgrade the RAM in your computer.

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