How much does ram cost for a laptop?

In 2017, there are many reasons to upgrade the ram in a laptop, but the most important is speed. Simply put, more ram makes your notebook or laptop run faster than it would without.

What to look for in laptop ram

The first thing to look for when looking to add more memory to your notebook is whether you can upgrade or not. Some of the newer notebooks like the 2015 MacBook or the Dell XPS 13 ship with the RAM soldered on the motherboard meaning you’re out of luck when it comes to upgrading so be sure to buy the most ram you can afford at the time of purchase.

But if you can upgrade the ram on your notebook computer it’s best to do so because ram is pretty cheap these days and in most instances you can upgrade the ram to twice what was installed in the computer.

Apple Laptop RAM

One of the most popular ram prices I monitor memory prices for are Apple Computers. Some newer models all have their ram soldered to the motherboard so it you’re looking to upgrade ram on an Apple notebook prior to 2012 you’re pretty much out of luck.

Dell Laptop RAM

I have mentioned earlier that the Dell XPS for 2015 cannot be upgraded but some older XPS models can be so like the Apple models you’re best to check out how much ram your notebook takes. The Dell consumer models like the Dell Inspiron models can take a ram upgrade and you can usually at least double the ram from 4GB standard to 8GB for well under $100.00

Dell Alienware models usually ship with all the ram they need as they are professional gaming computers and need all the performance and speed they can get and so have the ram installed at time of manufacturer.

Dell Latitude memory upgrades are available for current models as these are business models that are priced to be competitive in the market and one way of meeting a certain price point is to add the minimum amount of RAM and let the business or consumer’s IT department add more memory later if needed

HP Laptop RAM

HP computers come in a wide array of models from entry level ultrabooks to high end gaming computers and they can all use a memory upgrade. Some might be soldered to the motherboard but a lot of ram upgrades are still available with common upgrade prices usually around the $100 mark for HP Laptop memory – maybe a bit more for 16GB HP notebook ram kits.

RAM for Notebooks is Cheap in 2015

The prices for ram for notebook computers used to be much higher than they are now and cost a fraction of the price, but if you are looking to buy a ram upgrade for your notebook the cost will be about $55.00 for 8GB of RAM and $100.00 for 16GB of RAM for upgrading your laptop to the most ram it can handle.