How Much Does RAM Cost? Adding RAM To iMac Prices

One other place where you’ll be paying more for memory is if you want to upgrade a Mac Pro, this ram is not the cheapest RAM for Apple computers and at the time of writing, 64GB for Apple Mac Pro is still a pretty pricey proposition.

That’s how much it costs to add ram to a Mac computer, or Apple Macintosh Computer as they are formally known, and as I have said above adding memory to almost any Mac computer is a pretty good deal. A few exceptions right now will be 16 GB for MacBook Pros, which are still pretty pricey and can cost as much as buying a new MacBook Pro costs in the first place. I’ve yet to have the opportunity to test a MacBook Pro with 16GB and I’m doing just fine on 4GB in a MacBook Pro, and have for a few years now so this just goes to show you that if you’ve got 4 to 8GB of memory installed, you have more than enough RAM installed already. In fact, there’s one website that’s dedicated to helping you get more out of your older Mac, negating the need to buy ram or a new Mac at all.Cheap, Cheap, Cheap.

But for most other Macs, especially consumer macs for everyday use – or ‘lifestyle’ computers as they are sometimes known –  RAM upgrades are a really good deal right now and 8GB notebook ram, not just for Apple Notebooks too, is priced under $100.

This cheap $100 ram upgrade for both notebooks and desktops that Apple makes maxes out you RAM for both the MacBook Pro and Apple iMac two of the best selling computers Apple makes today, and at time I write this you can use the same memory in both iMacs and MacBook Pros.

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