How Much Does it Cost to Finance a Mac?

One way to buy a new Apple computer is to finance it and pay for it over time. If you’re a business you can usually write off the payment as an expense (see your accountant) or if your Apple computer is for personal use, financing your Mac makes the cost more affordable because you can pay for it over time.

Here’s a few ways you can make monthly payments on your Mac:

Apple Financing

The easiest way to buy an Apple computer is to buy it directly from Apple and then make the monthly payments through the Apple Payment Plan that offers two ways you can pay for your new mac:

Paypal Credit Monthly Payment Plan

The PayPal credit monthly payment plan offers regular monthly payments, a 12.99% APR, and the option to select 6,12,18 or 24 month terms. This is the plan you see at the Apple Store for payments based on 24 months:

Barclay Visa Financing

Using the Barclay Visa Card you can get financing on your new Mac for up to 18 months and get no interest if you pay it off in full during the promo period. You get six months to pay for purchases under $498.00, 12 months for under $998 and 18 months for any purchase $999 or over (not hard to do if you’re buying any mac other than the Mac Mini)

Which one is better? If you know you can pay off the Mac before the promo period is over then the Barclay Visa plan is the way to go because you pay no interest on you purchase.

But if you just want a fixed payment plan over the course of 24 months with the smallest and cheapest monthly payment then the Payal plan is the way to go.

eBay Financing

eBay of course uses Paypal Credit for their financing and offers the option to make no payments for 6 months. You will still get monthly invoices and you can still make payments at any time to pay it off early too. If you know you can pay off your Mac in six months or less then Paypal Credit is the way to go when shopping for a Mac on eBay.

Mac Mall Financing

MacMall also uses Paypal Credit for financing so all the terms that apply to eBay are the same that are used when you buy a Mac from Mac Mall.

Amazon Financing

Amazon offers two types of financing. The first is the Amazon Store Card that offers promotional financing with 6, 12 or 24 month terms.

The Amazon Rewards Visa is the card that Amazon promotes the most and offers $50.00 off instantly on any purchase and you also get 3% back when you buy from Amazon. If you’re buying a $30.00 Apple computer then that’s not too bad a deal.

Best Buy Financing

Best Buy Credit offers financing for 12 months on purchases $399.99 and up and they offer a 12 month no interest rate if you pay off your Mac in 12 month or less

What is the Best Way to Finance an Apple Computer?

Of course, this depends on what you are comfortable with and where you buy your Mac.


The Apple Store offers the fixed finance rates over time so you will know you’re paying interest but you will also know what the payment will be and most payments will be about $50.00 or so a month for popular devices like the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

If you know you can pay off the Mac in 18 months or less and don’t want to pay interest then buying your Mac from Apple through the Barclay Visa plan is a good idea too.


Deals on Mac computers can be sometimes be had on eBay especially when it comes to older stock or refurbished items. If you can pay it off in six months using the PayPal credit plan then this is another option.


Amazon offers that 3% discount but you will pay interest from day one. Unless you find a great deal on a Mac I would buy from somewhere else that charges no interest

Best Buy

Buying a Mac at Best Buy can be a pretty good deal. It’s quite common for Best buy to have sales on new Macs that beat any price you can get a Mac from Apple or Amazon. It’s not uncommon to see a $100 discount on new Apple computers. And if you can pay off the full purchase price in 12 months then using the Best Buy credit card isn’t that bad of an idea.

Personally, if I was going to finance a Mac I would just do so from the Apple Store directly and make the monthly payments via PayPal credit over the term I selected. A new Apple computer will still be fully usable in 2 years and even though you do pay some interest over the term I think it’s worth it to know exactly what your payments will be.