How much does a SSD Drive cost?

Expect to pay from under 100 dollars up to well over $1300 depending on the storage space you need.

If you can live with using smaller SSD - I don’t really recommend anything less than 64GB in 2016, then you can buy a 120GB SSD drive for under $50.00 so it really does not make a whole lot of sense to go much lower in storage for SSD drives unless you live entirely in the cloud - and if that’s the case you should probably consider buying a chromebook instead.

But the best value I think in 2016 when it comes to upprading or building your PC with a solid state drive is either 256GB or 500GB in size.

If you’re on a budget and don’t need a lot of space for your files then 256GB of storage is more than enough and in fact some computers still ship with 256GB ssd’s installed so this size is probably considered the sweet spot when it comes to storage space in 2016 for casual computing

The Best SSD Hard Drive Price/GB ratio.

If you’re a power user (whatever that means) then you will want to have more storage than a measly 256gb and 500GB SSD drives have dropped in price considerably and is now considered a very affordable upgrade and if you have a lot of stuff to store that you always need to have with you and can’t deal with cloud storage or external drives then the 500gb SSD is your best value for a ssd drive in 2016

I used to say that a ram upgrade was the best upgrade for your computer but now that SSD’s are priced so cheaply you I think that adding a SSD to replace your traditional spinning hard drive is the best upgrade you can do for your computer today as solid state drive is much faster than the older style drives. a

Big SSD Drives are still Big Money

SSD prices have come down in size, but when you start getting up in size for these they are still very pricey and can be priced well over $1000 for a 4TB size.

The Best SSD Drive Brands

There are more than one brand of solid state drive you can choose from, and here’s a few to consider:








You really can’t go wrong with a ssd drive upgrade especially at these prices, but the sizes and prices I recomnend are

128GB - about $50.00

256gb - about $100.00

500GB - about $160.00

I would suggest going for the 500gb model unless you’re on a very strict budget. For about $60 you can double the size of the ssd from 256gb to 500GB in storage, and for a lot of us 500gb is more than enough storage for use in everday computing.