How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Now that Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, I guess I better update this site with all the things that have been going on here this summer. BW has had me so busy  I have not found any time to write.  Mostly this is just a photo dump, but there’s a story or two as well… Here goes.

Let’s start with pie shall we?

My MIL came and visited andwe went apple picking and let me tell you that she really outdid herself this time. Fresh pie from fresh apples baked in a deep dish cast iron frying pan.

OMG. Deleicious. This really was the summer of pie. I have the waistline to prove it.


Apple picking is pretty easy, as all you have to do is send your wife up a tree and down comes the apples (some on my head).


but look at our haul! That’s more than enough for pie.


It got a  little hot at work


Speaking of work, when I work Saturdays I leave the house with coffee pre-brewed for BW so she doesn’t have to stumble out to the kitchen and make coffee all by herself. She might hurt herself.


Sparkle Toes


If there was a theme for this summer, it would be decaupage all the things! And let me tell you BW did not let us down. She made star wars shoes, and emoticon shoes and some other types too there were so many to list here but there’s a good chance that you now own a pair of sparkly toed shoes just like these over the top numbers for a six year old.

Plasti Dip All the Things!

I shouldn’t tease BW too much about her crafts because I thought it would be a good idea to paint over my keyboard with plasti-dip to see what it looks like. I think it looked neat but it was actually too grippy to type on. Also, numbers on keys are a good thing it turns out.

Luckily, the stuff peels off l so no harm in trying.


The Table

OMG. The table.

Let me tell you a story about this table.

One  night I come in the door from work and MIL and BW tell me that we need to replace our kitchen table.

“I like our table”, I state hoping that that will be the end of it -  because: change.  Also, this is the table I wooed BW at and probably the only table in all my life where I’ve eaten at the longest. All this to say that I did not get need for a new table. We had one. Sure, it was dumpy but it was fine.

It was our table. 

But the ladies would not let this table thing go. There was talk about having some custom table built and lots of googling and measuring and shopping the rest of the weekend.

You see, there was a reason for a new table - we were going to have guests in about a month and the powers that be decided that it would be nice to have a new table that would fit everybody, which I will admit is something that our current table lacked - real estate.

So the pressure was on to get a new table. I didn’t want to have  to have a deadline to get a new table to keep the ladies happy. Once you have a table it’s not that easy to get rid of a table. It’s not like a computer where if I don’t like it I can buy it and sell it with ease. Tables are big and expensive.

Fast forward to 2 days before the big event. And we have no table still. I’m okay with this.

But 2 days before BW and I decided to go for ice cream in the new and up and coming part of Buffalo (who knew there was such a thing?) and on the way home she said “Stop, I want to go here.”

In we go and I mosey to the back of the store and lo and behold there it is. The perfect table.

Or, as I like to call it - the** just in time** table:


As you can see it’s a very nice table. BW likes the mid century modern look and all things considered it’s a fine table. There’s room for guests, and most importantly of all my MIL is happy, and she’s the baker of all the pies and that’s important.  I can’t cut off my pie supply.

So we partied at our just in time table,  and even the dog got into the act:


Now that we had the table we could part, and boy did we. We had cupcakes…IMG_20170718_220233521

and birthday cake:


and my favorite: Apple Pie Empanadas!


and it would not be a party without pie.!  IMG_20170720_202853341

and hey look at that! everybody fits! Everybody all close together.

So ya. The table. It’s fine.  It nice enough to be a good table but also old enough that we can use it as any everyday table.

Oh, I have just one rule in regards to this table:



The Laundry Tub.

This, my friends is another story that’s worth telling.

You see, the laundry tub as shown was purchased. It was tossed into the garage with the hope of my friend installing it. And, as I have written before, he has his own list. And his own wife. So…ya. The thing hung around in the garage for a year.

Eventually, BW had had enough and as I have become the official problem solver, it was up to me to get this thing installed.

I went to, filled out the forms and told them I wanted a sink installed and I got quoted $129 for the first 2 hours and then $89 thereafter. How long could this take?

I guess my first hint was when I got the text from the first guy they found and he never showed after I showed him I wanted. That should have been the sign. Then they sent poor Tom over and both Tom nor I knew what we were getting into.

He thought he was going to do a quickie bathroom sink install and then get out of dodge. Ha!

Long story short, it took us 5 hours to get this baby installed including 4 trips to the hardware store, once we even sent BW to get a part. Hey, this was here idea.

So, I present to you the most expensive laundry tub ever.

But BW’s happy so there’s that. Also we can now wash the dog blankets and other goopy stuff.


She is a Horticultural Hero

No spell check required.

Despite the minor spelling mistakes, I have to say that BW did very well with the garden and flowers this year.  She made a sign honoring her grandmother and for some flowers we almost needed to get bigger pots for ‘em.


The tomatoes are worth a story. You see, last year BW started composting and this spring we tossed the dirt from the compost into the garden up front and lo and behold we were know growing mini tomatoes in our front garden. I mentioned to BW that when we were trying to actually grow a garden, we could not get anything to grow. But when we toss some dirt in the front year we grow these beauties.


up next…

The Stair - Master

The dog went and twisted it’s leg and has been limping along on 3 for most of the summer . She’s better now and can use all four for all but the fastest of runs but for a few days this summer yours truly was in charge of lifting the dog up and down the stairs.  It would go like this:

Dog looks at Stairs

Dog looks at me

Dog looks at stairs

Dog looks at me.


Until finally I would give in and slug the dog around the house wherever she wanted to go. BW better take care of me in my old age when it’s my turn to go up and down the stairs. Just saying.


10,000 Tampons

Go ahead and re-read those two words I just wrote above. I will wait.

Now, I don’t know about you but in my day to day life the words “10,0000” an  ”Tampons” usually are not in my everyday vocabulary.

Unless, you are married to BW.

First, some backstory.  It started with this:

What the hell is that? - you asked?

Earlier this summer BW  said that she would start a project to have a few boxes of feminine products outside her office door to be used by her students. Sound like a great idea, I said. And it was. An old TV tray of ours and some office supplies and couple boxes of tampons and fake flowers and there you go - BW’s Tampon Center.

End of the summer, she  brings it to school.

Then the School found out.

“It would intimidate the men”, they said, and repo’d it.

Want to know what intimidates men? A freaking WALL of TAMPONS that’s what!

The college should know by now that you don’t mess with BW - especially with topics like these. And especially when she has an idea. Now that I think of it I should have warned the college.

Back to the story..

The college confiscated her little TV tray with some crap about them getting stolen or intimidating the men. So BW went home, and complained on facebook to her friends. Then she started a little Amazon wish list thinking she would get a few boxes bought by friends and family… at the most.


BW and her little project went (semi, anyway) viral and before long I was getting updates from BW: “Now I have 400 Tampons”

Then it was 800, and then 2200 and three thousand. At 4000 I suggested to BW she call the school and warn them that there’s thousands of tampons soon to arrive.  I’m told the call went like this:

"Hello, Deans office" > > > > "Hello, Nancy - it's BW. I have 4000 tampons coming to the school" > > > > "Hello, Nancy - are you there?" > >

So yeah. 10,0000 tampons. The college pretty much have to give in. If they only okay’d the little TV tray above this all would not have happened.

But now, due to BW’s persistence and a little help from her friends, there are now ‘tampon centers’ in all the ladies rooms in her building with plans to expand this program to the rest of the college (eventually)

But probably the best part of the story is that she got notes from women who she never met who bought her some supplies for her little project and sent a note along with saying how glad they are to participate and that BW is awesome.

Heck, she even made it into the college paper. 

It’s worth the read just to read her quote - trust me.


Until next time,

TH and co.