How I Spent My Summer Vacation

In this:


And before you get any ideas about bath bubbles and luxury and somebody to bring me cold drinks, (note to self:train dog re: drinks). There was none of that, for sure. But there was an adventure in that tub you see - as there’s apt to be when you combine me and um, ‘handy’.

But first let’s explore the ingredients:

Bathroom tub that desperately needed to be re-caulked.

Husband at home whom, in theory only - thinks he can tackle this task.

Knowledge about the requirements for proposed task: Zero.

Current household members who have never used caulking gun: 1

1 tube of I’ve never done this before, but what the heck - I bought it: caulk.

re-read items 3 and 4.

Any guesses what happened here? I’m no holmes on holmes. We’ve established that today.

I thought I was doing well at first, I did a little test strip and thought pfffff…. I’ve got this. So I dragged a line of caulk all the way around the tub.

But then when I’m done I thought: “ wow, that’s a lot of caulk”

There’s probably a skill in getting the right pressure with the gun and the speed at which you drag the gun across the crack, but big surprise - I have no idea of what that may be. So, I thought I’d just smooth out the stuff like the instructions said.

What they don’t tell you: You will get caulk everywhere. This stuff dries fast. too fast. It says it dries in 3 hours on the label.

Liars! that’s all I’m saying.

So. I started to wipe things down with a cloth and that only makes things worse. Ever have one of those moments where you think OH, Shit.

I had one right about then.

I mean,I had caulk everywhere and because the more you wipe the more it seems you just pushed it around - you never actually removed the..

OMG this stuff dries fast! Why didn’t they tell me how fast this stuff dries?!! **OMG, OMG, BW is gonna kill me if I wreck her bathroom.. **

But I figured I was in so deep (literally) there was nowhere to go but up and I wiped and wiped and managed to get the caulk in the corners afer a while instead of oh,** every where else ** and after sweating in the 90 degree heat in a bathtub with wet feet and about 2 rolls of paper towels full of caulk on the floor at my feet I think I managed to redeem myself fairly well:


It’s not a perfect job, but it looks much better than the mouldy and yukky mess that was there before and also we didn’t have to pay a guy $100 to do this like last time and I learned a lot about caulking a bathroom tub. I’d rate it a 7/10. We’re not winning some bathroom caulking awards with this job that’s for sure. But, considering at one point I was at** level 10 of OMG OMG OMG,** I’m happy to have salvaged this.

Now, BW - I know how a supportive wife you are, but I gently remind you that now is not the time to ask whether it will hold water, if I could have done a better job or like the case with the light the other day, say you “hope it stays up”. Positive reinforcemnt please - goes a long way. Consider this your complimentary tidy husband tip of the day. ?

And after all that excitement (You have no idea - years off my life) I put my feet up and drank beer in the sunshine for the rest of the day. Well…..not exactly:

I painted the kitchen door.





And then…because I need a hobby, I cleaned the fridge. Not some half-assed fridge cleaning either but I took the entire fridge apart and cleaned it all out and then put it back together.


Sorry ladies - I’m taken ?

Also, I walked the dog **twice today. ** After sitting in the bathtub knee deep in caulking I needed to stretch my legs so after dinner thedog and I went out and enjoyed what was left of what I’m sure was a very nice day.

Now, I wonder what tomorrow will bring…