How I Fixed My HotMail Signin Problems

One of the biggest problems I have this year is being able to manage my email for all email addresses I have in one simple email mailbox. For the longest time,  I was using Apple Mail for my email as I was drinking the Apple Kool Aid full force and used not only Apple products exclusively but also relied on Apple mail servers to deliver email through my .me email account.

But this need for Apple as my default email addresses have changed and I find myself looking for other email alternatives, and one of the solutions I had used many years ago was for hotmail as my email address. The problem was I forgot both my hotmail username and password as the last time I had used hotmail was years ago – before hotmail became a microsoft product and was still a seperate and one of the first to offer free email for everybody.

I tried a few different usernames I thought I may have used by then as the username you pick in your 20’s tend to be an entirely username  you pick in your 40’s – at least I tend to feel that way. I’ve grown up some. But they all didn’t work as now Microsoft is asking for my Window Live ID which I have no idea on how to find as I’ve been a true blue Mac user.

At first I tried to use what  I thought might be a reasonable username for Hotmail, but nope, no luck. I tried to use the ‘forgot your password’ feature that is offered at the hotmail sign up page but I guess my hotmail account didn’t transfer  over either from being a dormant email account for so long or that when MS bought hotmail they weeded me out. Either way, I was screwed when it came to logging into my old hotmail account, so after a while I just decided  to not bother signing up for hotmail at all, as I already have a .me and gmail account.

What I ended up doing was to forward all my email to Google  Gmail as I find that Gmail has an outstanding spam filter. The Apple Mail also offers a spam filter too but I didn’t feel it was doing a good job.  And, I recently switched smartphones from an Apple iPhone to a Motorola Droid 3 and again  – I felt the Gmail was doing a better job than than the Mobile Me  on the Android platform so I made  the switch to Gmail and never looked back.

To be fair to the Apple Mail I have yet to switch over to the Apple Cloud as I find myself relying less and less on Apple products over the past year and I feel that competitors are offering much more value in 2011. Apple does still make some outstanding products no doubt about that but I’m becoming less and less willing to pay the premium Apple demands.

I ended up fixing my hotmail signin  problem by just giving up and using a competitor’s product instead that allowed me to login easier than I could with what is now, Microsoft Hotmail.