Hot or Not?

I found out that the heater in my car died so today I took it to our friendly mechanic and of course as I was driving it there the heat started to work again. So I see two scenarios:

It will be fine and he will send me home

The entire car will have to be taken apart to replace some weird little valve that you can only access by taking apart the car and the repair is worth the same price of the car.

If number 1 happens then yay for me.

If number 2 happens then I better stock up on sweaters.

That’s Car incident number 1 this week…

Item Number 2

The second car woe is that BW’s car needed new brakes on the rear.

There’s few advantages of working at a car dealer, but one is dropping off the car to get fixed. The disadvantage is that you tend to get charged ‘dealer rates’ as opposed to our mechanic on the island.

But when you factor on my staff discount, the pricing for new brakes and rotors was pretty good so I just had it done at work and by the time I was done for the day the car was ready.

Item Number 3

Because my car was in the shop, I took BW’s car to work and after work, I took the power washer to the car so I could see out of it again. It’s pretty sloppy weather here in Buffalo.

I come around the corner and start hosing the car down and I notice the scuffs you see above.

For the life of me I could not figure out how, where , or when this may have happened. I know I didn’t do it and I thought somebody may have hit it in a parking lot, but the scuffs and scratches didn’t match any scenario I could think of.

When I got home tonight and told BW she replied “Oh ya, I fogot to tell you - I did that”


Mystery solved.