Hot Hot Hot

Heat is the theme for today.  91 degrees here in my home office.

[7/17/13 9:22:21 AM] BW: Did you turn on the air?

[7/17/13 9:22:31 AM] Jim : no. duking it out here.

[7/17/13 9:22:45 AM] Jim : I like the heat.

[7/17/13 9:22:49 AM] Jim : gonna be jan soon enough

[7/17/13 9:23:50 AM] BW: ok

[7/17/13 9:23:58 AM] BW: But if it gets bad, just turn it on.

[7/17/13 9:24:03 AM] BW: no use suffering.

[7/17/13 9:24:07 AM] BW: We have it.

[7/17/13 9:24:09 AM] Jim : I know, I don’t really mind.

[7/17/13 9:24:12 AM] BW: ok

** I’ve noticed all our chats I’ve posted so far has started with BW asking me if I did something. Just sayin’.

I have air conditioning here and am not really sure why I don’t use it. Maybe because I live in Buffalo and even with the heat and humidity right now I remember the snow and storms of a long winter in January. Besides, this gives me an excuse to eat ice cream.

I think this is a full week of blogging every day after not for so long and I’d like to continue with it as it’s become my new after dinner activity and now that I’ve got the first week out of the way I may as well see how deep down the rabbit hole I can go.

One step at a time, but it would be great to be able to say I wrote every day for a year. I think I’m going to make this challenge pretty loosey gooesy as it comes to requirements:  I want to post ever day. There may be days that I just share a photo here or other days where the trouble BW and I get into needs pages and pages to tell the story.

I’m not doing this for money. I have other sites that do that, and I know that some bloggers make $40K a month writing about their dogs and kids so it would be nice to reproduce it and even if I managed to make a few bucks to pay for hosting that would suit. I read that a blog with 100,000 visitors a month can make 70K a year. I don’t see how writing about dogs and heart attack scares get you there but I’m willing to try. ? When you break it down, I’d need to get 3000 visitors every day here. I’m 2997 a day short.  At this point, I am for sure not blogging for money - or even fame.

That said, I’ve had some visitors to this site that are NOT family and friends and found me via Google asking for advice about various things - over 300 different searches and I think that this week  I’d like to explore some of those topics and help people with some husbandly advice.

But for today, the dog and I have been sweating it out here and not much to report otherwise. Nice out there - but hoo boy is  it hot.

But remember.  January soon enough, enjoy this while you can.

The dog is. Nothing like  a summer carrot break.


Until next time,

TH and co.