Hot, Hot, Hot ! (Water,That Is)

Okay, a whole whack of stuff to share today so let’s get started shall we?

Five months ago right about now, I  was sitting  down to dinner for the first meal of many to come with my newly married beautiful bride. I know I tend to make BW as the evil wife and  she is a little silly, no doubt  - but she’s the best thing to ever happen to me. And , we’re still married newlyweds to count months  -  not  years so  I’m  enjoying this while I can. To celebrate here’s a photo of the flowers I bought her. (ok, they were seeds we planted… they’re still flowers. And, $2.99 is a lot  of money. Don’t judge me. ). Later, there’s apple pie to celebrate.

If you’ve been a regular reader (Hi Dad!) you know that our numero uno project has been to buy a brand new water heater before the old one emptied its’ contents on the basement floor (the same floor where my stereo stuff lives). In Canada, we just rent the suckers until they crap out from the gas company  but here in the  good  ’ol USA you have  to buy your own. I know you’re dying from the suspense, so want to see what $1000 will get you?

You’ll notice we went all out and bought the fancy one with hydrojet. (whatever that is. My best friend works in the biz, and  he told us we did OK, so that’s somewhat reassuring.

we had the good folks from Erie Plumbing come and install this bad boy the other day and now BW can have a bath in her big soaker tub (she has yet to do so, which just baffles the mind considering that beside the fact that we needed a new heater for hot water, one would  think she would be in the tub the moment the water was up to temp.  Girls, go figure.

I know I have found the water to be considerably hotter and have to watch what I’m doing more than before so I don’t burn myself

  1. I think  they should  rename married  life to solving problems for the rest of your life. It seem that  you just sit down and whammo - another problem. I mean we just got the rental car thing sorted out and I turn around to find a hole in the garden hose.

Want to know what  I know about garden hose repair? Nothing. So.. I did what I’ve been doing all these years when I don’t know how to fix stuff. I learned this at my father’s side:

Use  Vise-Grips®

Use lots of tape.

Deny everything

For this particular problem I applied number 2 and 3  and the results were less than stellar despite using half a roll of tape. Our garden hose ended up just looking like a snake that swallowed  a mouse.

Also, I blamed the dog. I’m not sure if she bought it though.


Off to the Ace Hardware store I go thinking there’s got to be a way  I can fix a garden hose rather than spending $50 or so on a new one, and I find out there is indeed a very cheap and practical method to repair garden hoses. It’s called a garden hose repair kit - the things you learn when you’ve somehow becoming the problem solver more and more every day. I turned my hose that looks like a mouse to:

This leak-free repair! I know some of you are laughing, but this is a big deal here. We’re the blind leading the blind here so I was thrilled to find this repair kit. That saves us fifty bucks, and we can put that money towards the next repair. I figure the way we drag the hose around, we’ll have about six more of these installed come this time next year.

  1. The  brake light on the car went out. Hey, it happens.

I drag out the manual and figure out how to get at the light bulb, I pop off the lens and there’s the bulb.

I yank out the old burned out bulb and go to replace it with the bulb BW had picked  up at the auto parts store. But, little did we know we had been sold the wrong bulb.  We were sent home with a  4000 and we needed a 4399. Want to know what the difference is when you look at the two? Not much. So I push and wiggle and try to get the new bulb into the socket .  I think  well, the bulb is just tight because it’s new, right? I  end up fiddling with this silly thing for much longer than I care to admit. Only then, after cracking the bulb holder does it dawn on me that maybe, maybe it’s the wrong  bulb. I compare the model numbers and sure enough..

A quick trip to the auto parts store  for an exchange and once I have the right bulb we’re up and running in ten minutes.  I’m  sharing this because this is where my day goes - dealing with the water heater guy, fixing garden hoses, walking dogs and just solving problems.

I wondered when I started  this little adventure of husband-dom what I’d be in for, and although I grumble at  times that it seems like all I do is solve problems (oh that reminds me- car needs gas, and  there’s  laundry  to do) I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy 5 months (and hot water heater day) B.








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