Hosted by Cloudways

I have tried more than one web hosting service over the years, but Cloudways might be one of the better web hosts I have used.

I really don’t have too much requirements for web host these days, as this site is really just a WordPress blog so almost any host will do but I like Cloudways a lot for what they offer. 

Unlike shared hosting, they offer you the option to configure your own server and then add applications to that server. It’s kind of hard to beat the pricing too as my current hosting costs are about ten bucks a month. 

This site is actually powered by Digital Ocean  who offer great hosting but is more complicated to setup the server with firewalls, and stuff.  Cloudways takes care of all that for me and I can concentrate on the production of content and not how to serve the content. 

The hosting is upgradeable too via a control panel, so if I run out of CPU or storage I can upgrade with a click of the button. Probably the best part is that I have never had to talk to or call support. 

I think that web hosting is one of those things that you should get and forget about and it should be able to setup with as little as possible configuration on your end and Cloudways meets that goal for me. 

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