Hobbies, and How They Change

This site is a hobby. At least for now. Unless I get either an endorsement from softsoap or some other stroke of luck my one and only goal is to tell a story or two here and make a photo or two to share for all 27 of you today to read, and I’m finding that as I get older the toys I need get to be less and less important.

The same holds true for the photography. I have enough gear to make more than enough photos and I think that it’s too easy to get caught up in the technical stuff and tweaks that you realize you don’t need half the stuff and go full circle to using simpler and simpler stuff. A lot of times you think you need the stuff when you don’t. I always used to joke that the easiest way to save $100 at IKEA was to walk out of IKEA.

I find I’m reading more and more and down in the man cave listening to music less and less over time to the point where I may as well sell the stuff, even at a loss - because the usage my record collection is minimal to none. This doesn’t neccesarily mean I’ll get out of listening to music altogether but it does mean I can do with much less. Headphones and one small amplifier rather than a multi speakered home theater system might be and example.

**Cheaper Hobbies are Just As Fun


This site is a perfect example of a cheap hobby that when you compare the cost per hour of blogging to say, sailing - writing wins(unless you’re writing from your boat). I’m reading (and writing) more than ever and I love the fact that I can take a speck of an idea and make it into an entry. Maybe it’s a great one and maybe it isn’t but it does not really matter because once I get into the writing (which can be an exercise in itself) I find that sometimes it’s hard to stop, I am having so much fun. And with every article I get a little better and get a feel for what posts resonate with you guys and what you could care less about. It all takes time, but I’d like to think I have a bit of time left yet.

As far as cost, the total cost for me to start this website was a ten dollar domain name. Everything else I already knew or had, and then it was just the big blinking cursor staring at me. I know this site is only weeks old and if I was counting either dollars or visitors as the success rate, the novelty would have worn off by now. But I’m counting days and words written and pages published instead. I’m pretty confident the readership will come eventually.

This is just a blog, and I’m just a husband trying to navigate the everyday of married life. The laundry and gardening and all that husband-ness entails. But it’s also a hobby too and I’m having a whole lot of fun. No drinking required.