All Her Stuff

I have been meaning to do this and I think I just might: take an inventory of all her stuff as it enters (and leaves) the house. I think I will concentrate on the stuff like books and toys and accessories moreso than clothing.

With clothing, by the time I start to write about it all she will have outgrown it.

I started a list a while back when she was just a wee one and even then the stuff she had was getting to be quite the list and now she has so much more in just a few months, it’s kind of embarrassing.

But, it’s something I am interested in, the stuff. It seems to be organic and multiply overnight in your sleep and before you know it she has more books and toys and flotsam and jetsam that you know what to do with.

These will just be every few days and probably when we haven’t done anything interesting as there are a lot of day she justs eats and sleeps still. Not every day can be an instagram day.

I’m undecided whether to post about every thing or just add to the list. For some things like the rubber duck above it’s pretty much what you see. It’s a rubber duck. It floats and has a temperature sensor on the bottom so you don’t get the water too hot.

I don’t think I can write more than a sentence or two about a rubber duck but then maybe that’s the challenge now that I think of it: to write about the mundane toys and crap that come into our world over time as she gets older and older.

We shall see.

In the meantime, here’s the list so far

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