Hedging My Bets

It never ends, this home improvement stuff.

You’d think that being Saturday and all I would get a day off for good behaviour but nope. Today I used this:

to take care of this:

As you can see our hedges were starting to look the same as when I get a haircut. ( there’s even the same bald spot in the middle) an needed a trim. Unfortunately you can’t send them away to get them trimmed you have to either do it yourself or have somebody do the lawn work for you. Guess what option was picked?

My grandfather was great in the garden and  would grow rose bushes and all kinds of beautiful flowers. I remember when I was a kid he’d always send the ladies home with flowers when they went to visit. He also had trimmed the bushes outside of his house in the shape of the three little bears.

I had no such aspirations as I just wanted to wanted to have the hedges trimmed, and preferably without the loss of body parts. I am happy to report that there’s success on both items and the after photo shows our front of the house looking much better thankyouverymuch:

This was the first time doing anything like this, especially with a power tool.

And they’re not perfect but I think I got things fairly straight today:

I wonder what’s next? Oh right, the fence.

stay tuned…