Ground Hog Day

If there has to be a silly ‘holiday’ I think that groundhog day wins the prize. First, it’s not a holiday. Second - do you really trust the weather predictions of a groundhog? I know that sometimes the meteorologists can’t do much better - but still.

Speaking of wild animals, I often say that the dog is a ‘wild animal’. BW doesn’t think so and she thinks that the dog is just fine thankyourverymuch and is a well trained beast.

But sometimes you gotta wonder.

Take today for instance:

I come home, pull up to the house and the dog is on the front porch. That’s odd. Because one does not leave animals outside when it’s this cold and also: the dog is not supposed to be out on the front yard without adult supervision (because, wild animal)

Turns out BW had just collected some boxes from the porch and dog snuck out for a minute to sniff a tree - so no big deal. I parked the car and let the dog in.

But while I was parking the car it was running around the car which makes it difficult to park said car when you can’t see where the (again, wild) animal is as it does laps around a moving vehicle.

A non-wild animal would not be doing this. It would be inside watching netflix where it’s warm - not barking at random stuff or people that pass by our house in the dead of winter or barking it’s head off while you try to park the car.

So, now I have a question for you dear reader:

Considering I found the dog on the front porch when I came home…does that mean it will be an early spring?

One can hope. Happy GroundHog Day!