Ground Dog Day

A few weeks back I wrote about groundhog day but today is ground dog day. They are not to be confused.

As the name suggests - this is a holiday just for dogs **where the dogs notice that there’s some sun in the window and promptly start to ** lie on the ground in the sun.

Here’s how to celebrate this holiday:

Rules For Dogs

First , you note that there is this strange glow coming in from the windows - you realize that it’s actual sunshine.

Then, you get down off of your heated throne and go lounge in the sunshine for the first time in many months. This is great! You say to yourself as you zonk out on the floor until it’s dinner time - or the sun goes down - whatever comes first.

It’s not quite summertime yet where you can go sunbathe on the back deck but after so many short days it’s a treat to do some sunbathing. Sleeping on the couch when your owners are not around was getting so old. Same couch - different day. But this..this is great!

Rules For Dog Owners

It’s easy to recognize ground dog day even though technically it’s not on any calendar:

Check your flooring areas. If there is any sign of sunshine and your dog is lying there then today is the day. If all you see is dog hair then it means that winter is still here. Also, maybe you should vacuum.

Rules for all of US

Hang in there. It will be spring soon. ?