Going All in with Google

I’m writing this on a Dell Chromebox using Google Docs.

And I can do all my work just fine using cheap computers. (the Dell cost me less than $300). I also have a Dell Chromebook 13 (check the outlet) that is my portable computer when I need to be at my desk.

Chrome OS is Cheap

Both computers cost me less than five hundred dollars.

Chromebooks and Chromeboxes have enough ram and enough storage and the docs I create do not count towards my Google Drive Storage. And with a Chromebook purchase it also includes 100GB of storage as well.

I can use Google docs for letters or papers or resumes or pretty much any other document I can think of. I tend to use it for writing blog posts that I publish here and on other sites and thanks to an the gabriel add-on I can post directly from Google Docs to my Jekyll site on Github pages.

Probably the best thing about writing blog posts in Google Docs is the fact that I quickly add links. I highlight the word or phrase and google searches and suggests and most times it’s spot-on because, well, it’s Google.

It’s Better than an iPad.

I’ve tried writing on an iPad but I could not get used to using the touch and even though my Dell Chromebook is touch as well. Perhaps it’s my age but I just can’t get used to touching the display and I much prefer using the touchpad.

Speaking of the touchpad I think this is where ChromeOS is superior over any other OS. The multi-touch gestures allow me to swipe and scroll to navigate rather than using a traditional mouse to point and click. Once you use this for a while it seems so old school to go back to just using a mouse.

Google Docs Runs Everywhere

I could write this on every device I own. I could start it on the phone, grab an iPad or Chromebook and then finish up the article when I get back home. There’s not much of an excuse not to write when using google docs.

Free Updates Every Six Weeks

One of the best things is how the update system works. About every six weeks there’s a ChromeOS update that downloads in the background. When it’s done downloading the update all you need to do is restart the computer. No pinwheels of death. You get five years of this before your Chromebook is end of life.

Synchronization Across all Devices

Not only does google docs sync your writing across all your devices, the OS will also synchronize across all devices too so all your settings are the same on any chromebook or Chromebox you use.

A Powerwash Fixes All

It’s very rare, but if you do have problems with your Chrome OS device, a quick ‘powerwash’ fixes all issues and resets the device like new. You don’t have to re-install operating systems and update drivers and all that jazz.

There are some Nice ChromeBooks

It seems like Chromeboxes have been forgotten about but new Chromebooks are released regularly and you have choices from about $150.00 to more than $500 for higher end models

Chrome Extensions Increase Your Productivity

You can personalize your ChromeOS experience with extensions. I run a must-have ad blocker and the todoist extension to help keep me organized but there are many others that are available on Google Web Store

We’ve come a long way. The idea that you can buy a computer for less than $200 that for the most of us - myself included - can do all that you need for your everyday computing is really quite amazing.