Gardening, Dogs, and Poo

Not necessarily in that order. 

B made me garden. I really  despise it but she told me “I want to be married today” and I guess that’s women-speak for “Get your butt out here and off the computer”. Truth be told,  it was fun. Even gardening is better with two. I think life is just better when you get to  share. Scratch that, I know it is. We replanted a hosta - weeded  the front garden and just bought 500 zinnia  seeds for the front garden for just two bucks.

Last year, the neighbour kid came over with seeds and  we tossed in the garden not hoping for much and boy, did the garden look nice. We’re hoping to reproduce that again this year. I hope to be able to share with you later in the year our gardening success story.

Oh, and the dog rolled  in poo. I come in from the back yard and B shouts “The dog rolled in poo”. I look down and there’s the dog right beside me looking at me. I ask why then, is the dog in the house alone? If you never want to come over and visit anytime soon, I’ll understand. ? Not to worry, the dog got a bath and then when the weed pulling and spring cleanup was done we got to play fetch. Hope you had a great Saturday.