From Rome, With Love.

BW woke up with a sore throat and what looks to be winter cold 2.0 after her big adventure in Rome.  I swear, this is the last time I let her go anywhere on her own because when she does she doesn’t buy me anything and then comes home with a cold, and Tidy Husband turns into “get me a pillow, I need more tea, and you need to make dinner” husband instead. (actually, now that I think of  it, this isn’t any different than any other day)  ?

So. I didn’t get out for my photo du jour today but I did set up some flashes and lights to see if I could mimic a look I saw online and I think I  did pretty good job with a photo of my new ‘old’ lens I found on ebay for about one dollar per millimeter. The lens is manual focus and is from the early seventies. When released they weren’t big sellers because back in the day everything was metal back then and these series ‘e’ lenses are not. But now that it’s all plastic lenses these older lenses don’t seem too bad now and they work fine on my current camera. (yesterday’s photo was taken with this lens)

In other news… I left some chocolate on my desk  and this thing ate it when I wasn’t looking. again. We’re not speaking now.

Also BW bought some cleaning spray from Amazon that came today - all eight bottles of  it. If anybody needs some household cleaner we’ve got some until about 2020 or so.