This weekend was recover from the flu weekend for BW so we laid pretty low as BW was only conscious for some of it anyway.

Before I go any further I want to state that I did not create this flucollage. This is BW’s work

I never knew you could create a flu-selfie, but as the photo shows you can apparently.

A few other things are happening here:

The dog is on the bed!! ON MY SIDE!!!

BW is the only one i know that would take a photo of the flu test strip.

There was a lot of dayquil consumed. Also tissues….

I told her not to but she can’t help herself - she was working while she was sick.

I tried to tell BW that the world would continue turn at work without her for a few days but she’s so dedicated she just had to.

The good news is that we’re at the end of a week of the flu. BW wanted to go back to work Monday but I asked her to wait a day.

She should be on her feet by Tuesday. We hope.

Moving on…

My bluetooth adapter for my car died and with just classic rock FM to listen to it’s hell on wheels - literally. I have been spoiled with the adapter I had as it just worked and allowed me to get caught up on some of my podcasts which makes the drive a breeze.

This little orb just plugs into the cigarette lighter. It’s much smaller and nicer looking.

The Amazon Fairy also bought me an early birthday present for my birthday later this week (there’s still time to buy me a gift with 2 day shipping) : )

What would you think I would buy myself for my birthday? The old me would have bought some technology of some kind like a google something or some cables or speakers or something that I was afraid to tell BW what it costs.

But seeing as I am the tidy husband , I bought myself….

A vacuum cleaner!

This is actually the second vacuum cleaner I have received as a gift. The first one was a floor sweeper from my MIL so I could vacuum up the dog hair when we had the laminate flooring installed and we realized our vacuum for the carpet.

I never knew I needed this until I realized how dirty my car had become over the winter and I was going to toss 2 bucks into one of those vacuums at the gas stations but then I realized that it usually costs about 3 bucks because you never get it all with the 3 minutes the thing runs for. So for another 30 bucks I bought my own.

I really didn’t have high hopes for this but it works great - or at least as good as the car wash one. The best feature is it has a blower attachment so you can blast all the crumbs and stuff from the tight corners and between the seats and the dust in the air vents that you can never seem to get out.

It also vacuums up dry muddy dog prints from the back seat (we know who you are)

But it wasn’t all hard work here - we even had a bit of time for some fun.

To summarize, BW is getting better and I have more cleaning supplies.

What more could a guy want? ?