Oh Good, more painting.

In case you missed it, there was also a bit of painting here and here too, so I guess you could say if there has been a theme for the summer of 2012, it’s been the summer of the paintbrush, and today the tradition continues with the garage floor. Compared to the deck and lawn furniture this was a relative breeze except for one small minor thing we overlooked:

Do not prepare or paint a garage in 95 degree heat! I know in February when I come back and read this, I’ll be thinking and dreaming about a 95 degree day, but when your’re in what’s essentially an easy bake oven (or so it felt) even 95 feels much much hotter.


Garage unpainted

As you can see the four seasons in the Greater Niagara Area have not been kind to our garage floor and this job was due to be sure, and today was a good day for painting, if you don’t factor in how hot we were.

Now, we knew it was going to be hot, so the plan was that we would get up early. Yes, the both of us. I had ‘wake me up’ authorization and everything. I started by scraping the paint and then giving things a quick sweep and then went in to see how the beautiful assistant was doing in the waking up department. I talked to her, she answered back.  In my world, if I am talking and making sentences it usually means I am awake, so I assumed that BW would be getting her act together shortly…

Apparently not. It seems some of us fell back into the land of falalalala while some of us were outside workin’ and a sweatin’ away. Now, to be fair there wasn’t  much to be done until the actual painting later in the day anyway… so.

So. Much. Power

In the wish I’d have known that before department, I now know that the power washer we bought earlier this summer has probably been the best money we ever spent and that after I spent an hour in the heat on my hands and knees scraping up loose paint bits, I learned that using the power washer is a much more effiecient use of our time and energy and makes short work of preparing the floor for painting.

And.. after a quick lunch, the floor was dry and ready to be painted, and with the two of us doing the painting we were done in under an hour:



I think the best part  is how thrilled BW is with the finished project. I may paint a lot, but with the money I save on rose bouquets… ?

We sat down after we cleaned up, had a snack:

hard work snack

And that’s when I heard it.  At first I thought I was mistaken, so I listened again and there it was again:

“I want to paint the living room”

To be continued…