Fiskars 7870 Uproot Lawn and Garden Weeder Review

I’m going to do this from time to time and write about the stuff we use and love and is ‘husband approved’ ? I’ve already done this with soap and some wife approved items as well, but today I want to show you the ultimate weed killer that is chemical free and all eco-friendly too.

This is the Fiskars 7870 Uproot Lawn and Garden Weeder and it could very well be the best $35 or so we have spent this summer as it has made weeding so easy. Now, that I’ve become Mr. Lawn I find myself tending to the lawn obsessively (the riding lawnmower is fun!) and until I showed up I don’t know what was going on here, but  there hasn’t  been a whole lot of weed pulling. I found this online at Amazon and convinced the purchasing department to buy the fiskars weeder on our next Amazon buy. (we always seem to have an Amazon wish list)

Using the Fiskars Upright weeder couldn’t be easier:

You place the weeder over your intended victim and stepping down closer to the business end of the weeder on the plastic foot, you push the sharp claws of the fiskars weeded down over the weed as above. Then, you move your foot back to the edge of the foot, and pull towards you **

The weeder will start to pull the weed up slowly as you pull the top end of the weeder handle towards you.

And  the results are impressive as this little gadget yanks the entire weed - root and all out of the ground.

You’re left with a hole to fill and some grass seed to put down afterwards, but your lawn will be free of weeds in no time. The day the fiskars weeder arrived,  I attacked the front yard and pulled a good 30 weeds out. It looked like a bomb had hit afterwards with all the holes in the lawn, but I noticed a week or so later that the grass has filled in most of those holes without any help by yours truly.

Sometimes you buy an item with great expectations only for it to be a piece of junk when you get to use it, but with the Fiskars 7870,  my experience was quite the opposite and is the best $30 or so I have spent this summer.

** a warning to other husbands: there is one drawback to using the weeder and it can tend to slip if it doesn’t get a good grip on the weed on the first attempt. This  results in the handle slipping towards you when the weeder slips.  The height of the weeder is 39 inches. Your inseam might be, oh about 30-32 inches for most. When you factor in those two numbers vs the distance standing away from the weeder at approx 2 feet and the downward direction of the handle end towards you, the final results may cause harm to those unprotected. Use with caution, or have a bag of frozen peas at the ready for later use.