Final Steps

Yesterday I finished the last steps as a new citizen.

One was technically not required as a new citizen as I would be just fine without it. I updated my nexus card information to reflect my new ‘status’ here in the US. I had hoped I could use the online system to do so but I had to drive to Niagara falls to get all sorted out.

Both the US and Canadians had to update their info and **of course **the Canadian border officers were **much nicer. ** (we can’t help ourselves).

BW and I travel to Canada a fair bit because we’re only an hour away door to door from my home to ‘home’ and family so the nexus card sure is handy to avoid lineups at the border - especially in the summer months due to all the tourists and Niagara Falls.

It’s funny - we have been to parties and have been asked if we are staying overnight. NO…we’re going home - the dog needs let out to pee.

Social security was next. Again, I assumed the worse because - government office. But the wait turned out to be five minutes and the officer was nice and even congratulated me on my new status.

All in all a pretty good experience.

Now all I need to do is vote.