Fenced In

BW came back from walking the dog:

“We have bad news and more bad news” she said.

“OK, Hit me”. I replied.

“Our fence blew over”

That’s not good. So I went out to investigate and lo and behold she was right. The door was ripped right out from the hinges and lying on the ground.

Thankfully today wasn’t sub-zero in temperature so I got out my wrenches, some screws and some tape and got to work.

The good news is the fence is up.  I’m not sure for how long and it’s quite possible a slight breeze would blow it over but time will tell.

The bad news is we now need a new fence come spring time.

I spent a good part of the day on the couch, but did manage to get a project started: replacing the light in the kitchen.


For today, I managed to get the popcorn ceiling scraped and  one coat of plaster in hopes of smoothing things out a bit.  We had to stop because - fence, but also because the circuit  the kitchen light is on is also the modem for the Internet so we had some priorities from which to choose.

Lastly - and this saddens me to say this is for the time being I have disabled our pi-hole as it was blocking out some content and I think my server was getting hacked. But it was fun while it lasted.

BW is happy and as we all know, a happy wife..


Will make you Cinnamon Buns. ?