Fastest RAM for MacBook Pro 2010, 2011 and 2012

When shopping for ram or memory upgrades for the Apple MacBooks that released earlier this year in 2010 you don’t need to really worry about what the fastest ram is. Speed, really isn’t the issue here. Yes, it has to be DDR3 1066 SDRAM but there’s no fast ram or slow ram for the new Apple MacBooks.

Best MacBook Pro Prices

In fact, there’s no Apple RAM, as long as the memory is certified to be compatible with Apple, you’re good.

I’d be much more concerned about two things when shopping for Apple MacBook Pro RAM:


Customer  Service.

Some days, you’ll luck out and get the best  of both worlds, and  if you do buy from any of the Apple Memory Stores I list you’ll do just fine in both regards. Every memory store I list has been with me for way longer than the MacBook Pro has been around, so you’re sure to get good customer service and a fair price from any vendor.

That said, don’t be surprised that like all things in life, you get what you pay for and the lowest price might not be the best deal sometimes. (Not always but it happens)

The memory stores that always offer the lowest prices on RAM do so because  they’re hoping for volume. If they sell 100 orders a day and make a dollar each, they’ve profited $100. But  they have to deal with 100 different  customers. Customers that are more concerned about price than service a lot of times and don’t care that the memory takes longer to ship, or that the store’s lifetime warranty might not be up to snuff. He’s a busy man – he’s got 100 cheap customers to ship ram to today.

In contrast let’s take the memory vendor that offers ram for a few dollars more. Because he’s making ten dollars on each sale, he (or she) makes only ten sales to reach  that hundred dollars. This store is happy to to make less, but not have to deal with the more price concious consumers. Because vendor B only has ten orders to ship, they’re more than willing to help you troubleshoot, answer pre-order questions or hold your hand along the way and offers support if you need it.

I list both at ramseeker and always have – and have never promoted the lowest price. I allow you to chose  which is more important to you: low price or better service

Again you lucked out, and I don’t list any stores that don’t specialize in memory upgrades and have watched more than one low price leader go the way of the dodo bird over the years.

So when I get questions on what is the fastest ram or what is the best ram, I always say: Pick the price and store that you like and order ram from any of the memory stores I list and you will be happy with your memory purchase.