Fast and Furious

Well, fast anyway.  Check this out:

fast dog

(click the photo to enlarge)

This is Bailey who is Canadian just like me (and we both have the same svelte physique) but boy can this dog run. Holy.

He tagged along with his owners, S and A who popped over the border to drink beer, talk silly and run around in the backyard (the dogs, not me )

And of course, thedog was thrilled to have the company:

dog and scott

TheDog just loves people of any size be it adults or kids.

New Dog on the Block 

I should back up a bit and introduce the characters: S and A are good friends I met playing tennis more than a few years ago now..

**Wait, I have to interrupt this story with an important update: ** > > > > BW comes into the room just now with the laptop and says "Here's the diamond ring you can buy me when you ask me to marry you again" How soon they forget. I sold my prized possessions so that I could scrape up the scratch for her current rock, and then just over a year later, she's shopping for a new one. Sigh, and you wonder why I need to blog - it's therapy for married guys one word at a time. > >

Ok, back to my story. S and I have been friends for some time and are great friends to have and they have no problem with coming to see me and BW. (Also, the gas is cheaper too), and it was really good to see them again. And, as the photos dictate we ate well too. (again). For a time, S and A let me live in their basement until I could move over to the USA and get married. They would feed me every night, so now that I can return the favor, I am more than happy to host (with much help by BW. If it were up to me, chips and salsa would have been the main event.



Bailey is a new addition to S and A’s household and has only been with them for a few months, but once I got over the fact that it’s one big dog and the speed of which it can run, this is one quiet (if a bit lanky) dog and it was a pleasure to have Bailey and Co. come for a visit.

Greyhound Dog

If you’d ever have told me I would be at my happiest with not one, but TWO dogs around me I would have told you that you were crazy. But now that I’m married and in love with BW - well, never say never. It was a day of sunshine, beer, steak and ice cream.

How can you beat that? Oh, wait - apparently with more diamonds. Sigh.