Fall On Me

Well. Hi.

It’s been a while since I’ve been online here due to one fact: we’re boring. The everyday is just the everyday for the most part and there’s not a whole lot going on, thus the lack of updates.

But, as you can see I’ve been kindof busy with leaves! Holy, are there a lot of leaves here on the island. It took me all afternoon to rake’em all up and stuff ‘em into bags and I have a few observationss:

Leaf blowers are awesome (kindof).

We picked up this baby for 30 bucks:

and it does make raking easier, there are also some caveats too. And now that I am now a professional leaf raker , I thought I would share some casual observations:

I had tried this thing about a month ago, and truth be told I wasn’t too impressed as all it seemed to do was to move the leaves around on the lawn. Leaf feng shui, if you wil. So when I went to tackle the leaves today (after being told by the boss that this would be my weekend project. I love how the democratic system works here. We=Me, I am learning. Anyway… the trick to success with leaf blowing is :

Make sure the you have enough leaves. Six leaves won’t do. You need a whack of leaves for a successful blowing of the leaves to happen.

There’s a point when you have to put the blower down and pick up the rake.  Otherwise you’re just chasing leaves around the lawn.

Don’t worry about getting every leaf. You’ll drive yourself nuts.

By the end of the day, I’ve got eight bags of leaves ready to go to wherever leaves get taken.

Speaking of housekeeping.. 

I’m a bit of  a fan of the ‘self improvement’ niche, and I’ve read a self help book or two in my time I will confess. BW has no interest in this stuff, and I will admit that some of it is pretty new agey. You can’t think about stuff and achieve  improvements to your life, you have to get off the end of the couch and do it.  Heck, I sent an email to beauty with a nice smile, and the next thing you know I’m raking leaves. Doing gets results. (even if I can’t move my arms after all that raking)

One way to get better or improve is to test and see what works and what doesn’t, and a 30 day challenge is a perfect fit. You can do 30 days of pretty much anything. It’s a long enough time to get  you in the habit and at the end of the 30 days you can decide to quit or continue. As you may have noticed, I have once again changed  the site and slapped up some ads, and guess what? I’m rich.

I made $0.01 yesterday

This got me thinking: I wonder if I could make more over time, and even make a living with this site alone? It may take much longer than 30 days but this window will allow me to test, and as I don’t spend all day on this, I won’t lose too much sleep if I fail.

BW thinks this is a bad idea. She seems to think I** will alienate my readers** by doing this and I should stick to writing about the dog and leaf raking and put the money stuf on another site. But then it becomes a money site and I don’t want to do this. I want to test if I can make some dough writing about the everyday.  Even if it is just a penny, it’s a start.

So, because this is my playground online and not BW’s I’m going ahead with this test. If you would prefer I don’t write about our fiscal adventures, as the label on your shampoo advises: If rash occurs, discontinue use.

PS. I’m now at $0.02 . Hey, it’s a start. ?

This is Not a Well Balanced Breakfast 

Lastly,  it’s panettone season here:

BW thinks this is a well balanced breakfast. I beg to differ.

It’s pannetone season here, and BW introduced this treat to me last year, and I will confess I’ve packed back my share so guilty as charged, but I come downstairs and the pannetone loaf gets smaller and smaller and also it moves around the kitchen (along with the knife on the counter that’s never put away) but then she wonders ‘how I know’, I’ve busted her culinary ways. You know, this would be fine - we’re fat and happy but then I hear this from her:

” My stomach hurts, I think I have e-coli”

“No, you don’t have e-coli” I reply, “ You have too much pannetone in you”.

Because BW doesn’t heed my advice, she calls every family member to seek their advice.

Guess who’s right? Exactly.


A Special Treat

Because this is a democratic household, and BW thinks she’s been misrepresented, she has written a few words explaining her side of the story. I present to you her version:

So a few weeks ago, my husband tweeted Wegmans to find out if and when the Panattoni would arrive in store.  They let him know a few hours later that it would arrive on a Wednesday.  Sadly, when I arrived that Wednesday they still had none.  However, the lovely bakery manager told me that although they had been expecting it had not arrived.  She was certain it would be there by Saturday though.  So, Saturday morning I headed to Wegamans, and sure enough it was there.  I bought one.  Jim ate it all that night.  Sunday I went back to Wegmans and bought another.  The bakery manager was in shock!  Hadn’t I just bought one yesterday!  Yes!  But it magically disappeared into skinny husband’s belly.  I had been instructed by skinny husband that another panattoni was necessary.


Where did Jim, the Anglo-Canadian, find the love of the Pannatti?  Well as it turns out I had turned him into this panattoni-eating beast.  As Jim has written about in many posts his wife’s family is from Argentina. Because Argentina had in the early 20th century received so many Italian immigrants, like BW’s great-grandparents, the love of Italian Christmas bread had a long and loving tradition in her family, however, it had become know as “Pan de Navidad” or Christmas Bread.  So, every Christmas BW’s mom had made Pan de Navidad in old Coffee Cans in Pennsylvania.  The “Pan de Navidad” served at BW’s childhood home was ringed with lines from the coffee can.  It was always special and Mom and Nona (Grandma) would serve it Yerba Mate (South American tea).  With time, luckily it began showing up in Wegmans supermarkets!  What a relief, Mom would no longer have to make it!  And it was all wonderful.  Mom, Nona and BW ate the store made Panattoni with their Mate!

But over the years the future BW had moved far from Mom and Nona and she had no husband to share her Panattoni with.  Then last year, already engaged to skinny Jim, she dropped off the first store-bought Panatoni to Jim when he was living in his friends basement waiting for the paperwork to move to the States!  Skinny Anglo Jim was worried, oooo, would it be tasty?  Would it be too sweet?  Skinny Jim didn’t like change or new things too much!  But sure enough, he loved it.  Soon he was walking around Canada looking for Panattoni’s to eat!  He found them!  He bought lots and lots of them and ate them from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks whenever!  But soon after the Christmas season, they disappeared from the shelves both in Canada and Wegmans!  What do to!  Wait for the cool fall breeze and Pannatoni’s to arrive in Wegmans.

And this year, our first year of Panattoni season living together, sure enough they have arrived.  However, this year, it appears that BW has been getting herself into trouble with skinny husband over the Panattoni.  Apparently it has become unwise this year to have Panattoni for breakfast!  Skinny husband blames my recent tummy woes on breakfast Panattoni.  I blamed it on germs.

Nonetheless, the Panattnoni here keeps disappearing at alarming rates!  It is a good thing that the Wegmans will make more, even if they don’t have coffee tin rings on them.

(BW’s first guest post)