Exploring Insurance Options With Zander Insurance

I’m about to get married in the new year, and move to the USA from Canada, and if there’s one area I have no idea when it  comes to living in the USA , it’s about insurance or banking and I find that the best way I learn is to write as I go so here I am today – exploring the Zander  Insurance Group.

Dave Ramsey Endorsed

The very first thing I noticed when visiting Zander  is that Dave Ramsey  is all over this site, so either this is his own company or just one he endorses, there’s a lot of  goodwill from Dave (further reading shows that Dave just endorses the company and  that this insurance company has been around some time – since the 1920’s)

Zander Term Life Insurance. 

Zander claims to have 80 years experience with Term Life Insurance, and they recognize how important Term Life Insurance is to a family’s future. You can get an  instant quote for Zander Term Inssurance and find out how cheap Term Life Insurance can be.

Zander Disability Insurance

Health is so important. It beats fancy cars,  iPads, the latest cell phones or even memory upgrades. If you’re not happy and healthy than it doesn’t matter how rich you are and with Zander Disability Insurance you can get covered in the case that you do become ill? I know this will be something I will look into further as I am not getting any younger, and although my job of sitting at the computer is hardly taxing  (boring sometimes) I could get hurt – either on the job or at home and I should  be sure I am covered in case that happens.

Zander Identity Theft Insurance

To be honest, I don’t really think too much about Identity theft, I mean am not a celebrity by any means,  and there’s lots of other Identities I could think of swiping other than my own, But, this is another type of insurance  I should  consider  too, as I am sure it’s the  world’s biggest pain  to get your identity back and Zander would keep  me insured from this event happening

Zander Auto Insurance

I don’t have a car to drive right now, but as I will be moving from the big city to the suburbs, I may need a car in the near future and it looks like Zander insurance may just be what I am looking for when it comes to car  insurance. Sure, there are much bigger car insurance companies out  there, but I can get a free quote on Car insurance quickly and easily using their online insurance quote form.

Financial Guru Dave Ramsey endorses this insurance company fully, so it will definitely be on my shortlist when it comes time to start insurance shopping in the USA.



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