Dog Days of Summer

So, now that I have escaped unscathed from yesterday’s adventure I thought I’d share a very good tip on how to be a better husband:

Make a list.

Up until now, I’ve never been a fan of to-do lists or daytimers and prefer to just wing  it but with BW gone of course she left me with a list of things to do while she was gone, and I’ve been referring to it whenever I  think I have some free time, but  instead I refer to the list so I can check my progress about all the things that need to be done here while BW is away.

But now that BW has gone away from me for the summer, I’ve been left to my own devices and I have to tell you making a list and actually remembering  the milk while at the grocery store has been very handy, and here are a few tips on list making and getting things done:

write it down now.

keep adding to the list as you go - don’t wait, you’ll forget.

cross off the stuff you do - and then blog about it (optional)

If you think you’re done, ask your wife - she’ll find stuff for you to do.

Take today for instance: Today she greeted me in the morning with the following  instructions:

[7/16/13 9:00:24 AM] BW: that’s all… just a reminder to pay the bills

[7/16/13 9:00:28 AM] BW: not a big deal.

[7/16/13 9:00:31 AM]  Jim: lawnmower, bugs, water plants. dog butt.

a bit of explanation of my entry is needed, methinks….

Get Dogs Rear End Cleaned

These are words I never thought I would add together to make a sentence, but there you have it. This is also the best ten dollars I have ever spent. Once a week while BW is away it’s become my duty to take the dog  to the groomer and have them clean the dogs rear end. I really don’t want to know what all this entails. I drop off the dog, go get a coffee and come back with a clean dog butt - I guess - they could be taking me for the ten bucks and not doing anything at all - it’s not like I was going to check.

Pay for Lawnmower Repair

Pretty self explanatory  - we had our mower fixed, and today we paid for it.

Pay for Bug Spray Guy

BW gets the house sprayed every once in a while so the wasps  don’t take over. I don’t seem to be bothered by them, but I’m emitting nuclear rays currently so that may have something to do with it.

Water My Plants

This is easy. Find plants, add water. I don’t think I can screw this up.

Thanks to lists -  both mine and BW’s  I’m getting real good at following instructions and getting stuff done, in fact I’ve done so much since BW is gone I am running out of stuff  to do!  My to-do list is remarkably small now, and the dog’s rear end is clean for another week. (again, I think so - I am not checking. I have limits.)

Dog days of summer, indeed.

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